It Happened One Friday Night

in life •  last year

She sits alone, away from the window. She is a regular customer yet I almost don't recognize her. There is something different about her. She is gloomy, retreated in her own space, alone.


She flips through her phone. She waits for her meal, oblivious to her surroundings. I walk by her table as I make my way towards the front door. It is the end of my shift. My bags are packed and I'm ready to go home.

"How are you tonight?" I find myself asking.

She looks up, confused, disoriented.

"Not so good," she says. "My grandfather died today."


"I'm so sorry!" I say, putting my bags on the empty chair opposite her.

She puts her phone down.

"I was very close to him," she continues, as if my presence was a door of entry to her story. "It's hard," she adds.

"I know," I tell her. "It's never easy to lose someone we love."

"No. It isn't," she leans back on her chair. "It's all the little things about him I know I'll miss more. Like baseball." She is lost in thought.


After a few moments, she looks up at me once more.

"Or how he loved hearing me play the piano," she says, now turning her gaze towards the ocean.


She reaches for her glass of white wine and makes a toast in the air, to no one seen, only remembered.

"Just know you are not alone," I offer.

I tell her that because I too remember my grandfather, his laughter, the two missing fingers of his right hand. I remember how he walked with his cane yet still wanted to dance.

"Thank you," she says.

Is it my imagination or is she smiling?


As her grandfather continues on his journey to the unseen world, she sits in a crowded restaurant, surrounding herself with strangers to lessen the pain of loss.

"It'll get better. I promise," I say grabbing my bags to leave her to her Friday night.

As I reach the front door I wonder why I decided to stop at her table. Was I lead by her grandfather's unseen hand wanting to lessen his granddaughter's grief?

What goes on behind a person's eyes as they go about their day? I interact with hundreds of people daily. I see bodies going about their business, attitudes being displayed over petty things. How often do I stop to genuinely ask, "How are you today?"

For some of us, today is just another day. For others, it is the end of the road, a day when the sun sets for the last time.


Today, a grieving woman gave me a gift. She reminded me how important it is to take a moment to reach out and pause long enough to tell another that everything will be OK.

                                                                                              ~  🌹 ~

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Reading your story, I am touched to see how you felt about your own grand-father and I could not retain my tears that came pouring with a sense of sadness for remembering my own father with his two fingers gone and his cane. Sad and intense moment. Your writing is intense. Thanks...


Merci! ... ❤️ 💕

Very inspirational and touching. We need to be able to reach out to others, that is part of what life is about. Do check out my anecdotes about me and my autistic son.


Hey positivesteem!

Thank you for your comment! I read one of your posts, and yes, I am now a follower. The authenticity of your writing is what I strive to express in my writings. We meet with our pens, and share with our hearts!

With gratitude...


Thank you for your comments and support. Steemit is such a wonderful platform where we can share and learn from another. We are but kindred spirits that have yet to meet. Our respect is mutual so i am following you as well. You tell amazing stories.


Thanks positivesteem! 😌

Thank you for such a thought provoking read!!!.. You can feel so alone in a loss, but yet when each of us experience it at some point in our lives , and what seems unnatural is simply pu
a natural part of living - I think each of us can relate - I was thinking of my own mother as I read this, and the little quirks that she had!!!.. what a lovely way of expressing something so important to everyone.
Thank You ! :)


Thank you so much aineyann!

I think that in sharing those tender moments, we transcend the boundaries that keep us separated and isolated! The greatest gift we can give each other is to give us permission to express the tears as well as the joys that unite us. When we have the space to be present to what binds us together, we become one and the same.

Thanks for partaking in my intent of connecting! 😉

She reminded me how important it is to take a moment to reach out and pause long enough to tell another that everything will be OK.

Incredible message... and a very important question too..:)


Thank you for your comment, aishwarya! We can't get too many reminders to connect with one another! Life happens so quickly, it is easy to get caught in the whirlwind of things and miss so many seemingly meaningless moments...

feels like a chain reaction... now I sit here and recall my late grandfathere.
Thank u


Nice! I like that! 😊

I like your story. Touching, yet calm.
I think most of the day we are in our own heads, thinking about our problems, about our lives, about what should we do next. It is all about us, better to say me. So (I am not sure if you are really a waiter or is it just for the story) you have an incredible opportunity to practice selflessness every day, to get out of your and make someone else's life a bit lighter. But not just you (please don't find this offensive), all of us should do this. We would make this world at least a bit better. :) If this really happened, thank you for doing it. :)


Well said arias! Yes this really did happen. I was touched, moved, and inspired by our shared moment, her grieving, me remembering my grandfather. Together, we shared the sober reality of life.

Thank you for your acknowledgment!


For such a touching story -always!
I wish there were more people like that.. getting out of their own world for at least few minutes and making someone elses trouble a bit easier :) I'm grateful for what you did :) Respect :)

Another beautiful story!


Thank you so much, Alcibiades! Your support means a lot!!!... 😊


And thank you for resteeming it!!! 👍 👍 👍


Glad if I could help. :) Keep these stories coming!


Got it!! 😉

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Cool! Thanks! 😊👍

We can always make a difference in the lives of others if we remain present and act compassionately. Thank you for this reminder. 💜


Thank you crystalandbones!

Well said!!! I felt I was the better recipient in making a difference in this woman's life! One thing I didn't write in there is that when I walked away from her, I was flooded with goosebumps, as if something greater than just engaging with her had happened!!! Who knows how our interaction impacted her? It sure impacted me!!

We truly are connected, more than we can imagine!!!


Yes, we are indeed connected!


Truly! ...