Life, just the way it is.

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Life is a foreign language: all men mispronounce it. ~Christopher Morley,Thunder on the Left

Yes, life has always been a word that even the dictionary cannot formally define. It is full of surprises and questions that no one can even answer. We sometimes live life according to what we want, but most people live in accordance to what other’s want.

Certainly, almost all of us have lived a life full of pretense; and longing for acceptance from the majority, if not by everyone. It’s hard to live up to other’s expectations. Society has imposed norms for people to live with. How one should talk, act, dress and even think has also been imposed. It’s either you follow what has been made by the society or deviate from the norm and become a taboo. We are even very much afraid to commit errors and mistakes, afraid of being judged negatively or even scared of being unloved. Never forget that life is meant to be lived, enjoyed and loved; for having ups and downs are always part of it. It’s just like a roller coaster ride. Everyone commits mistakes, so you are also entitled to commit your own.

Life is always a rough yet blithe journey. On the way, there is always no time to be weary. There is always a time when life is out of your control, so why fret about it?

Remember: Life is a fight, and even though it seems like you’re going to get knocked out, you must keep on fighting! Even if others want us to be like them, let us just become more of ourselves and accept ourselves for who we are. That’s just the way life is.37063BB9-0EA8-4456-9A17-778EC66975BE-4727-000002F1BF74DB95.jpeg


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