My heart is just one

in #life3 years ago

The precious will always be responsible, then pasntas only if he does not have time to pamper his lust with a friendly snob to a man who is not clear.



The responsibility that makes him remember that his body and his heart should not be mocked, because both are the mandate of Allah who will be asked for accountability.

Worth the precious is so neatly concealed the beauty of his heart, because he realized that his heart is only one, so he did not want to easily fall on the uncertain.

He is silent and as if ignorant, not his heart hard and not gentle, precisely because his heart is soft with faith so he does not want to warrant God's mandate.

So for you who today continue to make you valuable with faith and obedience to Him, be assured that when you have guarded then he who also awakens God will offer you.

Do not ask who, when, and where the beautiful time will arrive, just keep your valuable self by continuously appreciate your body and heart with your belief in Him.


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