Do not be Busy Assessing Others' Disadvantages, We Lose Time To Fix Yourself

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Do not get used to feeling better than others, so busy assessing the shortcomings and mistakes of others is not easy to do.



Because if we are only busy assessing the shortcomings and mistakes of others, then later we will run out of time to improve themselves.

Take control of our hearts to never feel that we have been better than anyone, really if we continue to stay in the heart, then in the end we will always see the shortcomings of others.

We will always assume that we are the righteous, and certainly the shortcomings of others will be more visible in front of the eye, if our ego can not be controlled

Because the more we feel right, to feel better than others, the arrogant, arrogant, and selfish feelings will arise, so that we will increasingly love to think that others are wrong.

For that reason, the more busy we organize the heart, the more busy we fix the shortcomings that exist in ourselves, so that we do not have the opportunity to see the shortcomings of others, though very small deficiencies.

And really we will always be busy looking for faults that exist in others, if every time we always feel more perfect and more holy than others.

We will not take it for granted that others are underestimated by what it does, if what we do we always assume is better and perfect.

Therefore, bow our hearts from feeling better than others, so that no matter how well our circumstances never make us feel good and perfect.

Do not let the more we improve ourselves increasingly feel we have been good and holy, so that menakakan other people is not easy to do

And really, as well as anything we envy from others, as good as any self-improvement we have done, if our hearts are jumawa then still in the presence of our God will look low.

Therefore, if we have managed to fix ourselves, try to keep our hearts well awake and true. Do not let us do good, but still casually judge others who are also not good


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