Bitter Life

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Bitter life has passed me in every blowing breath and tears all that has been depicting its own wound in one space in this heart.

Disappointed, sick, holding every wound
the scratch has hurt this already tortured mind, and the longer it makes me sick and sick
now I have been added by the alienation of life and misery that my spirit has broken.

My smile had faded because I had been caught in a pseudo-life, I had fallen on a cliff of darkness lost in an endless path and drowned in the midst of an endless ocean. The cold and silent night always cornered me in tears
sweet bitter life leads me hesitant and restless, I really fell in a long slump of sorrow to meet every my mind.

My thoughts are filled with dark clouds and the longer I want to get away, leave, and run away with every wound and disappointment, but I do not want to be too long in jajah
because that sense has destroyed this hope, I have been beaten by the cold of the night wind.

Stabbing my body I am in the frightening darkness of the darkness
now I really feel the bitterness of my own life dlam sbuah alienation that gives a million cuts every time I try to stand up.

I am always sat by the shadows of the dark world of the shadow slalu hovering in the mind ni
accompanying each footing step foot and heartbeat I was weak my steps sluggish.

Feeling the veil of life ni rhythmic tones always buzzing in my hearing the look of hatred always looming over me in the tears of solitude, solitude, and sadness have foiled me in this life sailing.



Hi friend of your post is great I join you. by @ adit123

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