The Right Motivation

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The young son of a friend refused to go to school and no amount of gentle persuasion, bribery or veiled threat could make him take the bus or car ride to school. He was definitely not bullied at school which is one of the primary reasons why bullied children dread going to class.

His parents were at their wits end until the father asked for divine intervention in the form of a friend who is a police officer. The officer phoned one morning and asked to speak to the tough young boy. He introduced himself as an enforcement officer. In a firm yet soft tone he informed that he was duty bound to come to the house and take the boy away if he still refused to attend school.

From that day onward, there was no more tantrums. There was no more talk about not going to school. The boy seemed happy to be back in school.


Our kiddo burdened with his many fears had always insisted on a night light. We leave his closet room light on and door slightly ajar so that his bedroom would not be in total darkness. One night, the kiddo told his mama that he didn't need the night light anymore! Apparently, one of his little friends at school told him that he sleeps without any night light at all.

The kiddo must have felt immense peer pressure. He must be as brave as his friend who doesn't need any night light. He has no issue about sleeping in the dark since that little conversation at school several months ago. What a wonderful motivation!

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