Friend in need

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(Young friends celebrating friendship and sleepover with sparkling juice.)

The handyman whom I used to call to fix most of my house problems like leaky tap or roof is really an electrician by profession. Of course, he does all the electrical installation and repairs for me as well.

A few mornings ago, I called him for advice on an electrical related problem. I stressed that the problem needed urgent attention but he came at almost nine p.m! He explained that he had some work to finish up but as we chatted, he eventually revealed that some police officers had come over to his house looking for his son and searched the house.

Apparently, his son was caught on CCTV eating dinner at a food truck parked just next to a motorcycle shop where a substantial stock of bike accessories was later stolen. The shop owner identified my handyman's son as a likely suspect since the boy repairs motorcycles!

My handyman friend was devastated and the boy vehemently insisted on his innocence. Fortunately, the officers did not think the boy was the thief but were required to cover all angles.

I think the both of us were glad that we had this conversation. Always good to talk it over and release some pent up frustration. I felt so much better, less agitated. Although he could not carry out any repairs due to the lateness of the hour, he came the following morning to rectify the problem.

Praise God for good friends.


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