What You Do Not See by Endija

in life •  7 months ago

I have never been like others. Since my very first day in this big World.
From the very beginning I was called a weird kid. Art Nerd. Or just ugly.
But, who am I? I can proudly introduce myself as an artist. But that does not stop me. Beside that I am always watching people, what they do, why they do what they do.
And I try to understand their philosophy of life. Sometimes it is curious how I can say which will be their next step that they will do or say. And sometimes I just really try to understand them. Some people call it empathy. I don't call it anything at all.

And by saying that I probably should mention one more thing. Maybe more than one.
I really love and enjoy talking about art. Maybe that is why I was called an art nerd.
But still, it is not all. I also talk with passion when I talk about feelings (from an artists or introvert/extrovert perspective (if you believe this qualification) and creativity.
Once I have started, I do not know will you be able to stop me. Joking! But I am really passionate about these things. Just ask.


While I am writing this I am 19 years old - for those who are wondering by any reason.
And I am just starting my career. I mean, I started it since I got the first white paper sheet and some pencils, but I am taking it more seriously. Basic skills what I needed to be able to draw even more realistically I got from practising every day in my bedroom until...High school. But then I discovered Internet. Yes, I started all that pretty late. And my very first smart phone with actual wi-fi I got for my Birthday 2017. Pretty late, right? But there is more + than - . And by that I mean - I am trying every social media I am interested in. I am tasting and trying and figuring out what works better for me. If I would have started it earlier, who knows if my knowledge which I have now would be that big. I am not the smartest one, but interesting enough. At least for myself.


Writing is one of my interests too. People say I am good at it. But that is a thing I am not sure about. That is why I let others choose.
Video filming, documenting and telling stories even if they are about myself or my opinion I also love. That is one of the reasons why I started just now to build my D-Tube Channel. Still in the process. Channel and the very first few videos. Whenever I will finish them, I will let you know. At least how to find me there.
With every post we will know each other better.
Thank you for taking your time to read this! Maybe we will meet in the comment section.
With love,

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Your creative potential seems limitless to me+it does seem like you are a little bit out of today's society in every great meaning it can be said!
Even putting yourself out there as you said being called a weird kid, takes courage to stick to your guns, which seems you are doing with pride and a head held high! Inspiring, truly inspiring!
Can not wait what you bring next! Good to know you are here, because the talent of this magnitude is not meant to go away for free!


I have always thought that I am out of today's society. 😂
Yes, of course there are times when I feel down, but mostly I am moving on and doing what I feel I need to do. And another reason why people like to call me selfish. 😂 But I don't see other way how to get where I want to be. Sometimes just have to be a bit selfish to get where you want to and then give back 100%.
You are so nice! It's my dream to get paid just with what I do and say. Then I would be the most happier person on earth.
Thank you!🙈

The Tree of Life, or Etz haChayim (עץ החיים) has upvoted you with divine emanations of G-ds creation itself ex nihilo. We reveal Light by transforming our Desire to Receive for Ourselves to a Desire to Receive for Others. I am part of the Curators Guild (Sephiroth), through which Ein Sof (The Infinite) reveals Itself!


Nice to meet you too!👋

your writings always amazed me it was so full of creative feelings and was amazing to read through.
No doubt you are a artist and your minds always remain
conscious about creative things which a artist mind should be.I have read all your post but this time it is something another i loved it from my bottom of my heart and it is great to know here are some teenagers steem user's like you and many others which were doing and working hard as much as other people doing including me too.Loved your work as usual i do.
keep your good and hard works up,you will surely get success in our path of life.
have a nice time dear.


Thank you so much! It is so great to have someone who really follows along my thoughts and my mindset trough to the posts I have been writing. I am taking this extremely seriously and this support means the world to me. ❤ Thank you so much again! See you in the next post!


i am always there with you in your journey.
and thanks for your sweet words dear.
have a great time ahead.