Still Looking For A Job

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So, I’m about to finish my full stack course. They’ve brought in a new teacher for Angualr after the entire class complained we do not feel comfortable with the framework. He definitely knows the material but his style is a bit disjointed and all theoretical, requiring even more housework to make sure we get it. I've been summing up the lessons and sharing with my fellow students.

In the meantime, I’m still looking for a full-time position. Most places I send a CV to do not even bother to respond, not even an automatic response. It’s basically placing your CV in a glass bottle and sending it out into the ocean. There's a good chance you'll never hear back.


There are very few who answer back and some even try to be nice about it. Last week I had to complete three home tasks (test tasks to see how I think and code) just to get called to an interview. I managed to finish two out of the three and got rejected for those as well. One of them did say that he would be surprised if I do not find a job soon since they were really impressed by me. I’m sure that’s nice but I would really prefer a well-paying full-time job rather than platitudes.

I have so many tasks on my task list that I’m not even sure at what order to tackle it. The stress is just slowly grinding me down, making it more and more of a chore to sit in front of LinkedIn and Facebook and other venues going over job offer after job offer seeing the same offers again and again.

It’s incredible that even jobs that are ostensibly for “juniors” require a bachelor’s degree, and 2+ years of experience in the exact field (or fields) the position is targeting. I can understand looking for the most qualified person but remember, I’m looking at junior positions. How am I supposed to get experience if you need experience to even be hired as a junior?

It’s the old catch-22, chicken-and-egg thing almost all millennials come across when attempting to enter the job market. The difference being, I’m not a millennial. I’m 43 years old with years of experience behind me. It’s just that my exact experience isn’t as relevant to the job I’m looking for nor is my degree.

I wish I could find a job that would take advantage of my diverse background rather than make me feel like an idiot for not having a single career path throughout my life since I was a teen.

I’m allowing myself a bit of a rest this weekend. I’m getting excessively tired and I’ve been sleeping badly. Next week it’ll be: ‘once more unto the breach’.


Hopefully, I'll get some good news soon.

Well, enough of me ranting. I hope you guys reading this have a nice relaxing weekend.


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You shouldn't give up

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I wish you get what you are seeking for soon. It's insane that with your experience and knowledge HR departments don't reply.

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