Train to fly in the sky!

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With the help of new technology, various vehicles are being discovered in human welfare. For the benefit of technology, people are now flying in the sky with the aid of drones. There is no train in the list. Technicians are continuously working to improve vehicular traffic. Recently Akka Technology has come up with the company's 'Link and fly' aircraft design. Which will serve the flight in the air as well as the train will be stationed at every station stops at the specified destination.

With this new innovation called 'Flying Train', passengers and passengers are going to get together the benefits of rail and travel. A Concept video has been posted on how the 'Flying Train' will work.

A Bloomberg report said, "Link and fly" concept was not fully successful. But it seems to be possible to improve the airplane through various types of constructive components.

Akka Technologies has already been honored with the award for the new 'Link and fly' concept. Through the innovation, the organization has been able to attract the attention of organizations.

The aircraft has the capacity to move up to 39,800 feet above the maximum. Its speed is 600 miles per hour. The craft has a length of 33.8 meters. Earlier this week, Jabve Aviation's Floyning Taxi and Kiti Haq earned two million dollars from the new concept.

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