My body temperature is lower than normal

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A few weeks ago, I picked up a medical thermometr and I've been taking regular readings throughout the day for several days now. I don't understand why, but I have not been able to get my body temperature up to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. I've been consistently measuring between 95. 5 to 97.9. Is anyone here have a thermometer and can measure their own temperature for a few days with me? My girlfriend measures within .5 degrees I've 98.6 consistently. I feel good and I'm in good health with no real ailments. I started doing this because I always feel hot and thought I was always physically hotter but I'm in fact colder!

Here's a photo of my tempature, as of today 10pm est on 12/17



In Poland, normal body temperature is considered 97.8 F (36.6 Celsius). Anything above 98.6 is considered slight inflammation and when I'm at those temperatures I always feel worse already. I'm surprised that you guys have a different limit. In my opinion your body temperature is completely healthy. I'd be alarmed if it was higher!

Atleast i'm not going crazy. In the past few days, i was HOT, sleeping without covers on, window cracked open. and my body temperature was 95.6. This happened for two days!

Yesterday after I was running around the house cleaning and breaking the slightest sweat, i registered the 97.9 that i read off yesterday.

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Wonder if Qi Gong might help or avoiding yin foods that have a cooling quality?
Been getting into TCM and energy work lately and it's really cool...

My mom studied tcm in China and I've been treated under tcm heavily since I was a kid. As good as it appears to be on paper, it is simply another lens of understanding diseases and treatment. I would never suggest someone use tcm to treat anything without understanding western medicine as well. The concepts in tcm work wonderful. But it takes a true professional who understands western medicine to apply it correctly.

Going back to body temp, while I didn't post it, I did measure my body temp and my gf's for weeks. It seems as though everyone has a different baseline temp. As long as you're not dragging ass at the gym or having it affect you some other way, then I think it ultimately doesn't matter!

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