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RE: Remembering How to Read: A Few Tips

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I connected the most with taking breaks and exercising...thanks so much for this @donkeypong...we often get so focused on the work, the laptop, the phone that we don't realize our stress levels are rising, and our productivity is decreasing!

About 3 nights ago, I was hard a a task that had 92 investors hanging out there waiting for me to complete my task. I was stuck typing furiously, hunched over the laptop all day and all through the night. I had started out fresh and energetic but by 2am I was depressed, slow and making abominable mistakes yet I couldn't quit. So to de-stress, I dropped everything briefly, went to Steemit to read posts on encouragement and then decided to write out an amateur poem of my own in a bid to encourage myself.

Guess what?! That break was about 1 hour... When I got back to work, I had regained my fire, my energy and I finished without anymore mistakes! Imagine if I didn't take that break? I would eventually have finished through the sheer force of will BUT I wouldn't have done such a great job. Getting great feedback from those 92 people was so fulfilling!


That's great! I'm glad taking a break revitalized you. Quality time is better than quantity.

Thanks boss! You got that right! Quality over quantity

Agreed, those breaks in life means the world to us and it helps realign us back to the OATMEAL, I mean the universe or whatever, haha.

Oatmeal...Are you trying to make me hungry? lol...just kidding. I agree with you about the breaks helping us to realign. Thanks!