Working towards a better me!

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And a better future for my future family!


Trying really hard to make some changes in my life. I was watching a show the other day with a cook in a five star restaurant and he said "perfection is just a thousand tiny details" and it really stuck with me. So I've started a list of all the things I want to improve in my life, and slowly I will start to cross things off my list. Visually, it makes a lot more sense to me to have everything broken down.

Instead of having my goal just be "lose 20 pounds", my goals instead are

  • cut down on sugar intake
  • limit yourself to 1 coffee per day
  • walk minimum 7000 steps a day
  • no snacking 1 hour before bed
  • snack on fruits & veggies rather than salty/sweet things
  • pack lunches for work so the temptation to buy food is lessened
  • do yoga at least once a day (morning or night)

When you see all the little things to do, it's easier to get everything accomplished. I'll keep you guys posted on how this works and affects my lifestyle! My starting weight is 120lbs, I am only 5'1 so loosing 20 pounds may be too much but hey, I can add that to my list!

  • check BMI (body mass index) to see what ideal weight should be

So simple!


I think that instead of losing weight, you could build muscles :) But it's up to you :) every step in the right direction is good so losing or building it doesn't make sense at the end.

I would suggest you to try and walk 10k steps a day. It will make your heart work a bit and help losing the weight.

Ow, and one more note.. snacking fruits is good but be careful with snacking in the evening.. fruits have a lot of sugar so you need to check which ones to eat - e.g. banana is great in the evening, apple not that much :)

Good luck with your challenge and I hope that you will see the results soon :)

Thank you so much! I didn't think about the sugars in fruit, I'm really glad you said something! Thank you for your encouragement, I really appreciate it ❤️

Try @actifit app! And go adventuring! Sharing voting and mad love!

Would love to have you two on my discord show! Every Friday!

And keep up with the goals!

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Thank you for the recommendation! I'll give it a shot :)

We would love to join you on your discord show!

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