30 make up challenge! day 1

in #life2 years ago

One of the girls in one of the many make-up groups I'm a part of came up with the idea of writing down every colour from every palette you have, putting them in a jar and grabbing a new one everyday to well

  1. Use every colour that you have
  2. Test if all your products are still good
  3. Branch out and try new things

I really like the idea of that, considering that I have tons of colours (although not as much as some people do that's for sure) and I tend to get stuck in what works for me. Which is fine, but how will I ever get better if I don't try new things!?


Today I did a combo of 2 colours (get two birds stoned at once!). I probably could have blended a little better, but I had some hoots before work and wasn't suuuuper concerned about having perfect make-up.

Smoking a doobie and getting ready to start the day with my darling

I'm going to try really hard to post a new look everyday for 30 days (or at least until I run out of colours).

Thanks for joining me guys!


Thanks for sharing your secrets and beauty!

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Thanks for all your support! :)

Of course and let's get you started earning more... If you are down.

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