Mobile-joat and his everyday life (part 5)

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Accidents and nicknames
I know that might sound terrible, but it happened and can be humourous in the aftermath of pain.

   ***Hello again my fellow steemians!***

I know it's been some time since I posted part 4, but as life happens I get tied up with my work...
Where I left off
Oh yeah we were putting an engine in.. well fortunately we successfully completed installing the engine, But because of a little accident I goofed up on getting more pictures... An the victim has not allowed me some prime photos (more like my lack off getting them)that went along with the new nickname he now has... Yes, unfortunately while moving the old engine he pinched two of his fingers and ended up getting a few stitches... But he's OK now. We jus call him two fingers now!IMG_20171110_120655860.jpg
Moving on from there
I still do work for him and his Brother and Dad.
Just thought I'd make sure that was out there.
Infact I recently in stalled a new clutch and u-joints in his brother's truck.
Then proceeded to assist my good friend @bluerthangreen... An boy did we have an interesting problem.
But I think I'll save it for (part 6)!
Wanna guess what happened?IMG_20180207_180634399.jpg
Well if you want a hint it has to do with, rats, carpentry, traveling, and breakdown's.
So if that sounds interesting enough
Keep watching I'll be posting that story(s) SOON!
So until next time this is @mobile-joat signing outIMG_20170829_192154210.jpgthanks for stopping by and reading. Any mechanical questions are always welcome an encouraged.
Your upvotes ,comments, and resteems are appreciated!signature_1.gif