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I've been absent for ~8 months because my life has been quite busy and exciting for some time now. Actually it was a very special person that entered my life and changed my way of thinking and perceiving the world around me, quite a lot. I left my internet addiction behind, exchanged it for a proper job, and focused my free time on real life and people. I made new friends and I met interesting individuals. I had fights and emotional situations and a whole lot of fun. I went on vacations, which I never did before. I had some wonderful times in Spain and Croatia. I learned so much, especially about myself. God damnit, I started to grow a beard and to learn guitar a little bit. You see how severe the situation is? :D Anyway...

Since Bitcoin seems to raise from the dead again and my news feeds are full of crypto news I was curious about what's going on here on the steem blockchain and in the whole blockchain and cryptocurrency market. I heard of some big players that are entering soon.

Well, and maybe I even have some things to share, every now and then. But first I need to have a brief overview about things that happened here while I was "out in the physical world", in terms of development, community and the ecosystem in general. I already read @roxane's post and the comments... What a nice coincidence that you're back online too. :) But since I happen to still have some followers, I thought it's worth writing my own post. And by the way... Would be interesting to see who else, from all the people I met here, is still or again active. I hope @utopian-io is doing well. I'll definitely check that out later. Uhhh and @helo..... How's the frog? :D

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Hey @mkt,

How are you it is really great hearing that you are doing better in life.

Would be awesome to hear how you have been and interesting stories from you.

I have also been a bit absent recently took up a job and been interacting more in real life.


Hey! Good to see you're still here. I think we all need some break from this far too exciting platform from time to time. :D

Hi @mkt!

Nice to see you here. I was also absent for a number of months, spent some time working on myself, picked up a couple of new skills, among other things... I've been back for about two weeks now.

  ·  13 days ago (edited)

@imwatsi Great to hear! Your python tutorials look great. I will also start to work with python very soon. Seems a lot of people haven't been active for some time and are coming back now.