What's new on Steem since last few months ?

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Hello the Steem Community!

After a year of absence, here I am back (yes, I know, I already said it twice ;-)) !

But this time it's the right one!

You can imagine that with a baby at home, I also want to escape and blogging should be able to leave me this escape space when I'm at home ;-) ! It took me 9 months to prepare myself to become a mom, two months to become a real mom, and now that everything is fine: I have time!

And as we all know, one year on a blockchain is equivalent to 10 years of development in real life! I missed the high-speed train, help me find a place in a wagon!

So, what's new around here?

In terms of development, projects on Steem, community, general evolution?

What should I read, who should I follow, what app should I use, what should I focus on, what has changed, etc.?

Feel free to put links to articles that it would be useful to read to my place here again :)

Tell me about it! Explain it to me!

Thank you in advance!


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Welcome back @roxane, the Steem ecosystem is really changing by the day now, so much is happening that it can be hard to follow even when you're here every day.

And apart from following me (of course), I have 3 people I think you should pay attention to, @taskmaster4450 who is talking a lot about new things on Steem and what blockchain in general can accomplish, @jongolson and he is very active with onboarding new Steemians and has even created a video course with it's own community called @steemsavvy, and @cryptospa he has a lot of knowledge and up to date on the crypto market and where it is going.

Great to have you back, and I wish you an awesome day ahead.

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@flaxz, thank you for mentioning me!

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Welcome back!! Happy to see you in my feed again! :)

I don't know how you're accessing Steem now, but if it's through steemit.com you'll notice there's ads now :) And the steemitwallet is on a different website!

I think many people are using Partiko now or Steempeak or any of the other interfaces.

Oh, and Steemfest4 will be in Thailand.

Ha! That's a rumor. I actually think Malaysia or Indonesia would make more sense... But probably not Europe this time! Let's see :)


Not too much... 6 New blockchain games... @drugwars is #1 dapp.
Few millions added to the steemit platform by greedy whales to get 1.5% yearly compounding intrest rate plus 24 ROI using bots and few millions find by these whales through posting B.S. posts but bcz they have reputation more than 60... all poor simple new steemians are up voting their B.S. posts hoping to get some curation rewards ... and let's not to forget the three super spammers cheetah. seem cleaner and adm. .. they are protecting steemit from spammers and scammers and the three are supporting their 😂 legal efforts by pumping more seem into their accounts to fool poor people by flagging others are collecting 35% daily profits as mentioned above.

What else. ..
Let me see 🤔

Bye for now as the steemit dog cheetah now will flag my comment

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Upvoted for your honesty :D

Welcome back @roxane.
Most of the work that went on Steem are backend stuff. Things that will take Steem to another level (i.e.: Ressource Credit, Mira, Separation of Wallet with publishing, Security tips etc...). The community is still strong and many have stood up to take the challenge of building Steem sidechain so that everybody can create a token and makes it work like steem. I mean @steem-engine with SCOT Project. Competition in blockchain social network is also gearing up and we will see how the community react to it.
Yes, 1 year out of blockchain, is like 10 years life. Even 3 months now is like whooooooo....but don't FOMO too much :-) the mainstreet is not there yet.

Hi @roxane,

Nice to meet you. Got here thanks to a @steemchiller resteem.

Congrats on becoming a mother!

I think the biggest change for me (I also recently came back after quite some time) is that the steem dapp world is really evolving.

Currently @partiko, @share2steem and @actifit are my go to dapps. There are also two highly popular steem games if you are into that.

Oh yes, we have promoting Steem actively on Twitter. I you are interested, feel free to connect with @nathanmars to learn more about his #Seven77 initiative.

Have great day an glad to have you back.


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Welcome back, darling!
Congrats for being a super mum!

I suggest to install Partiko on your iOS or Android device. I'll be glad if you'll do using my referral https://bit.ly/PARTIKO link, because I'm a Partiko mentor (please take a look to @beamentor initiative, created by @rosatravels) and I enjoy playing with collecting @partiko points.

As desktop (and mobile too) condenser, I particularly love https://steempeak.com ... give it a try!

https://steemworld.org/@roxane Built with ♥ by @steemchiller is a must use tool: in the last year it has had an impressive development of new very interesting features!

As automation upvote manager, I suggest you the new https://steemrewarding.com by @holger80

In this last year, @actifit was born... but I think you already noticed it, given the number of posts in circulation!

At last but not least, @steemitri The Mannequin has created it's own MANNA Token: definitely a must have!

Have a beautiful night!

Hey @roxane,

Again congrats to your child. This will change a lot - at least it did in my life.

We still do the #SteemMeetupAachen for the Euregio area, means Belgium, Netherlands, Luxenburg and Germany - love to see you 3 there any time.

There is now a BEER token from @beerlover and you may use this to tip people for whatever and there will be more around this soon.

As a young mother you might not toke part at the #BeerSaturday challenge by drinking beer, but you might picture the young dad with the beer he got after changing the nappies.

Anyway, the community is still great and we love to see you back

Congrats for having a baby @roxane :D
You can use Dtube, if you get upvoted you will smile LOL.
Partiko gives out partiko points but I do not use it yet.
esteemapp gives upvotes too sometimes.
Best regards.

@roxane, welcome back to STEEM Blockchain!

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welcome back:)

Lots and lots of dapps drama and ads and upgrades damnn its too much story to tell lol :D

hahaha wb!!


You should check out steem-engine, it has been on fire lately.

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what's that


Steem-engine is a service startef by @aggroed and @yabapamatt,that does what smts were supposed to do, such as creating own coins or tokenizing communities. The service was launched only a few weeks ago and so far thry been successful in all they been yrying to do. Don't know that much about the technicalities though, I'm sure you can find all the info u need at their website

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