If You Would Like to Observe Tallest Man-Made Indoor Waterfall, Go to Singapore! Part II :D

in life •  2 months ago

The way to the top of man-made volcano created in Cloud Forest of Singapore passes through thousands of flowers.

Among them there are beautiful Mandevilla, ...


Orchids, ...





etc. ...



and amazing tall flowers' columns!


Monkeys' family and ...


“dangerous” dragons ...




are hided in thickets …

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Great photos!
Yes, without flowers - nature would be gray ...
I really liked the sculpture with the monkey and her baby.
I was surprised that can see the concentrated look of the monkey-mother behind the search for fleas!


I also think that monkey family is very natural and of course the flowers are wonderful! I very appreciate your great reply!

Either I didn't notice the mokeys and dragon before or it's a recent addition.
I'm quite sure I would have seen the dragon. still looks obvious enough.


If they were there you would have seen them surely! Thanks a lot for your impressions about this place :D


You're welcome. I guess that means it may be a changeover theme thing which means I mean not see it next time. I know they change theme a few times a year.

I can't speak and can only say that your blog is truly perfect. I am amazed to see the beauty of your photography. I like it. success is always @mindsoul


I very appreciate your kind words! Thank you very much @mattmcguire :D


thank you for replying to my comment. @mindsoul greetings

The first flower is wonderful, I love it!


Yes, it is wonderful! Thank you that you noticed it!


It's always a pleasure!

These all pics are really nice. You click photos very beautifully. I also like flowers because their beauty attracts us. This will give us peace and soothe our eyes with the great sight. Everyone should go there and enjoy. Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures.


Thank you very much for your pleasant comment :D

Very beautiful flowers and art. Nature is great :)


Many thanks for your opinion!

Not just dangerous dragons... but dangerous out-focused dragons! :p So you're in Singapore again? in such a short time? I guess you really enjoyed your first stay :D


Out-focused dragons are significantly more dangerous. Never know what will they do next moment :D I am very glad that you are familiar with this and thank you very much for your opinion!