If You Would Like to Observe Tallest Man-Made Indoor Waterfall, Go to Singapore!

in life •  4 months ago

While Edinburgh dazes by magnificent Castle on top of an extinct volcano , Singapore impresses with the unique man-made extinct volcano from the top of which waterfalls fall.


Cloud Forest attraction is the tallest indoor waterfall throughout the world.


Its high is 35 meters and the mountain and surroundings s are covered with beautiful exotic plants….

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I have been here and absolutely loved it!! Its amazing isnt it, I really thought I was in another World walking around it!


Exactly! It's like another world. Thank you that you have emphasized it!

Photo and waterfall unparalleled !!!
Feel freshness and humidity, as if are near.
Yes, there it is worth to visit more than once!


Many thanks for your positive reply. In Singapore there are many places to visit again and, of course, the Cloud Forest is among them!

Utterly beautiful! Thank you for posting. This is the reason we all need to travel.


Exactly! Thank you very much that you underline it!

oh my God! its a man made waterfall? very beautiful.. i will definitely visit someday for sure:) so wonderful dude...


This is really unique place! I very recommend to visit it and thank you for your pleasant comment!


My pleasure.... and yeah if somehow I will there in future then definitely I will visit that place....

I was there at the outside part last weekend for the mid-autumn.
I need to get tickets to go back in there again


You have best chances to go there :D I was very impressed!


It's one of my favorite walking spot on the outside Gardens. :-)

I've been there before, really nice, worth going again.


Fully agree with you! Many thanks for your nice comment :D

The photography is really amazing. It is a place which is worth seeing. This shows the beauty of nature. You shoot photographs so nicely that everyone falls in love with this place. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics.


I am very glad that this story is interesting for you. I very appreciate your kind reply :D

Your photo shoot is perfect, you do it very carefully and you are also good at directing the camera to focus on the object you want to photograph.regards @mindsoul

Nice click. Awasome......


Thank you!