Beautiful Headlands of Ahmetbeyli!

in #life4 years ago

High speed and mountain’s road don’t allow shooting all perfect landscapes around. However from time to time it is possible to make a panoramic shot like in this case.

These three headlands in Aegean Sea are located near Ahmetbeyli town in Turkey.


You see that nice weather and good perspective bring success picture :D


Have a nice and perspective day!


I am very glad to share something new :D Many thanks for your kind reply!

Exactly! World is wonderful :D I read your stories with big interest too. Thank you!

Was very beautiful and wonderful photography I like it. Good job @mindsoul. I appreciate your work.

Many thanks for your positive reply @mind-magic! I appreciate it very much :D

Fully agree with you. This place is beautiful. Thanks a lot for your reply!

Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Thanks you very much for your excellent reply :D

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