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RE: What's Your Deal Mindhawk?

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"But sometimes, in a rare occassion I would stick to someome who wants to deceive me and challenge him to such an extent that he starts pulling another side of his character that's actually good."

I have recognized that due to the nature of my work(btw I have outed several undercovers in earlier posts and definitely out their operational tactics, which I do because I find them to be operating outside the constitution) I know that everything I write will be processed by law enforcement and all the three letter agencies.

And so I do attempt to actually reason with the shadowy forces, to impress upon them how stupid most of their work is, how they are letting the big criminals go and being directed by the big criminals themselves to focus on small criminals, or harass people like myself.

If you read what I write, quite a few paragraphs are addressed at the police state itself, as in 'do something else with your life, because what you are doing now is a. futile and b. not actual police work and c. ruining the country/world. And the actual bad guys i.e. epstein, are getting away and laughing at you while you entrap truckers at truckstops.'

btw checkout this user who keeps upvoting me for no apparent reason: @sensation

total of 10 or so posts total including comments and replies, 389 followers. If this person has literally posted no interesting content whatsoever, how could the 389 followers have even found him if they are not bots or artificial in some way?


Strange indeed. I also don't have a sufficient explanation.