My crazy experience with my mosquito net

in #life6 years ago

The previous night was a terrible one for me, had a crazy encounter with my mosquito net. At first, I was scared to look in to the mirror as I thought my face would be dark from being burnt. My face was on fire yesterday night.

So it all happened when I decided to finally fix my mosquito net, not that I had mosquitoes in my room but I just suddenly felt like doing something with the mosquito net, it's been sitting in my wardrobe ever since, I didnt even get to use it during my NYSC camp in April this year.

So, I fixed the net, jumped under it. It was really a cool feeling being shielded by the net and I marveled at the wonder of all I had been missing all these while. It didn't take long before I dozed off only to be woken up about twenty minutes later by this peppery feeling on my face. I ignored it at first, until all of a sudden I got attacked by an intense burning on my face. I screamed, found my way to the bathroom, colliding against my lamp and the buckets, mistakenly kicking my bucket of water, thankfully I still had cooking water, water didnt do the trick at all. Once the water stopped touching my face, it burnt even twice more.

I didnt trust my kitchen water and so I ran to my bag of pure water, took four satchet and ran back to the bathroom. Still it didnt subside, it felt a bit okay eachtime I poured the water on my face and after that, the burning started.

Thankfully, there was light and I had my standing fan to ease off the burning momentarily.

I checked the internet and found out that people had similar cases mainly because they didnt wash properly or sundry for long hours, as for me, I did none. So you can imagine the level of pain I felt and even now as I am typing, I still feel a burning sensation but it is now very bearable.

I searched for things I could use to ease the burning sensation; aloevera, oil, powder, and oatsmeal were listed. So I decided to try some oily gel, it didnt ease.

I tried powder, it didnt subside and lastly I tried oatsmeal and that was when the peppery sensation came even harder!

Oh gosh, I can still feel that sting I felt few seconds after I applied the oats on my face. It was so painful.

The discomfort was so much, that I started to run temperature.

When it was around 6.30am, I was determined to sleep after being awake since 1am, So I brought the fan very close to me, the burning was intense but I gave in, I would doze off, wake up, doze and wake up again, till finally around 8, I noticed the burning sensation had dropped.

I stood up immediately and quickly ate something as I was drained. Then I went back to sleep, I woke up in the noon, I had a cold bath, I felt fresh, the pain had become very much bearable and I went back to sleep like a baby...

It was a terrible experience and now I think I have another thing to my phobia lists.....
Oh please don't, I mean, Never bring a mosquito net beside me!

Here are some pictures from the ugly scene.

Picture of me being so close to the fan

Picture of the oatmeal on my face

Pictures of powder on my faceIMG_20181020_044021.jpg


I am grateful to God for all the times I had a peaceful sleep.


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