13 Things do successful entrepreneurs every day

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Successful entrepreneurs should be role models for young entrepreneurs or young entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs can have many of the characteristics that have been the cause of the success of others so that they consider the assets of their company when succeed God willing.

Here in self-promotion we can offer you some free assets that can be a reason for your company's success as we wish


1- Plan your day:

The first thing to do in the daytime is to look at your calendar and arrange your day's tasks. If you worked very well at some point in the day, you would book these hours for important things. You should also not forget to set some rest times while performing tasks to replenish your energy.


2- Do not check your email in the morning:

The first thing that opens your eyes open on your smartphone It is difficult, of course, to ask you not to open your smartphone in the morning and not to browse your email, this may cause you confusion and distractions from focusing on what you should do first Try not to open your email until 9 or 10 am After you have arranged your day plans. And advice that you do not check email more than 3 times when you work on an important project.

3- Remember your goal:

At the beginning of each day you have to sit down a bit to determine your main task and goals of your company Think about your customers and interests Think about the most important aspects profitable in your company so as not to lose your vision.


4- One task:

We live in a multi-tasking world, but when you are too busy and you have to do a lot of tasks, you become less annoying and distracted for you, so to become more productive and efficient you must focus and prioritize your tasks.


5- Vision:

You may be silly, but you should close your eyes and imagine your maximum success. Imagine how you will feel when you see your goals come true before you see your goals come true and give you strength and help you keep your expectations in front of your mind.

6- Say No:

Entrepreneurs as a result of their enthusiasm love every new idea but the problem is that every new opportunity puts the entrepreneur in an increasing pressure so he needs to focus not every opportunity can turn into a profitable business as your time is the most expensive you have to use it properly.

7- Feel the value of your time:

Unlike money, time is not a renewable resource and you do not have to get more than 24 hours a day so you should guard your time and spend what matters to yourself and your company and try as much as possible to avoid confusion and occupy your thinking.


8- Negotiation:

The enthusiasm at the start of any company may make entrepreneurs think they will make money easily because their idea is new and they will get a lot of money to buy everything they need and then discover the truth that there is nothing easy and nothing comes up free of charge and you have to pay careful attention that you can not do All.
If you are not a good sales person, you should appoint someone with sales experience.

9- Be a good listener:

You should know well that a leader who listens well avoids problems that may occur as a result of poor communication and reduces the time that needs to be asked.

10-Stand and move:

Try not to sit all day, you have to move and do some exercises that benefit your body and renew your activity and energy.


11- Breathing deeply:

Every hour stop your office and try to take the same deep for 10 times it renews your activity and gives your mind the oxygen needed to work.

12- Try to take some rest:

If you are so busy that you can not leave work, try to rest for an hour in the relationship with lunch and make meeting places a place for your stay.

13- Clean your office:

At the end of each day, clean your desk so that the pens are in place. Place the sheets in place so that your desk is arranged so that you give yourself a sense of activity the next day.

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Very good content but you left something out...entrepreneurs are good risk takers

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These are small things and create a solid base

You forgot that they also like to take risks

Wow fantastic post sharing my dear friend.

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Hopefully I can use some of this tips in order to improve my 2018.

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His post was really helpful, i think i need to read it every day, i have taken a snapshot of this post will love to read it always and master what has been written. Its really inspiring

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Good sharing! Not checking email until the normal working hours is a great tip. I used to check email early in the morning once i wake up. But it always tend to drag my time and end up not being efficient as Im a morning person. I should have save the precious morning for my most difficult task of the day. :)

Good read. I work with college students a lot so I found this surprisingly useful.

I think this is great, very good information

good post, could be motivation material for my own, thank you,

very good news and useful, we should apply in our life let us success
greetings from me @rusli
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i really like the one thing to become the successful in life that is "Yes i can" So through this thing you can be successful in the life

On point post, i personally write all the task on paper and tick them as they are finished. It helps you to focus on your tasks to achieve your goals and manage time. Try that "write your things to do on paper daily"
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Thanks for this informative post...would add it to my 2018 goal..nice one👍

Good post brother

Great . It's amazing post. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks @michaelmorcos for sharing this inspirational post. I will make these as my habit in 2018. Fighting!

Awesome stuff, will add you to a list of entrepreneurs I'm building who are on Steemit

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Thats some great advice man! Gonna get us all through this day!! Have an awsome day everybody, and oh dont forget to buy some TRON, tht sh*t is going up non stop.

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Everything is true, I can not do everything you write,
Most of the time when I'm in the office, I'm busy at work, time is gone ...
Sometimes, I set the clock, to make a small turn,
Not healthy to sit a long time on the chair in front of computer screens.
I have to try the things you wrote here, I do not promise anything :)

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Very good read I think it's important to take charge of your life as much as you can and always find ways to improve even if it's something small.

Very informative. Will definitely be using those tips.

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Wow amazing will follow these step to become a successful entrepreneur
thanks for sharing this amazing information

I love this post, great advice thank you. I am starting a business so I found these tips really useful, some of them I follow already - especially number 5 checking in with my vision, it's important to stay focused on it! You have to dream big if you are going to make a difference, right!

Hii man ..just read your post its wonderful motivational stuff you shear ...folloewd you for more pist

A special thank you for the remembrance of the number 12. It's so easy to forget at work because no one complains professionally...

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Some really outstanding points you have mentioned there very true those are and entrepreneurs live and make a life they make their own because entrepreneurship is a way of living life.

Thanks for sharing this great post very valuable to me have a nice day :)

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