Your Behavior is the Byproduct of your Habits

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Our behavior is the byproduct of our habits.

Our behavior is the byproduct of our habits.

Our behavior is the byproduct of our habits.


This is VERY important.

Once you understand this you can REALLY start to make changes.

Our behavior is the byproduct of our habits.
Of all the things you do each day, how many of them do you actually choose to do?

For most of us the number is quite low.

We wake up.
Have the same breakfast as the day before.
Put on the clothes that we normally wear.
Go to work and do the same things.

Our lives are the product of our habits.


Your will power is valuable.

When trying to make changes in their lives most people try to force themselves to change their behavior.
Maybe the want to lose weight so they stop eating the sweets they love. Or possibly they try to create a new exercise habit overnight. A trip to target and a quick swipe will buy you the outfit, but it won't create the habit.

Our behavior is the byproduct of our habits.

Rather than trying to shift behavior, use your will on creating new habits.
If you want to lose weight, don't worry about stopping unhealthy habits but rather focus on creating new ones.
Over time, as these habits solidify, you will begin to replace the unhealthy behavior with healthy ones.

Over time you can build a completely new set of behaviors.

How long does it take for a new habit to stick?

Habits take time to create.

Make sure you don't try to take on too much, too soon.

big workload.jpeg

An exercise in practicality

What is one habit that you would like to create in your life?
What is an amount that would be effortless to maintain?
What is a fitting reward if you could keep it up for 2 months?

Please try this!

You will change your life.
Change takes time and effort but it doesn't have to be painful.


Be patient.
Be gentle with yourself.
Less is more.

Over time you can make HUMUNGOUS changes in your life ... but you have to do the work.

Start right now!

If you didn't answer those questions earlier, do them now!
You will NEVER have a better time to do it.
Grab a pen and paper.
Write down the goal you want to accomplish and COMMIT to doing it!


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This is a very cool, and a very important, post! Haha... I LOVED the Pavlov cartoon - literally LOL'd. The big message is to start slowly an be consistent in building the new habit, otherwise it simply fails.

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What new habit did you start @artemislives?? 😁😁😁

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I start new habits sometimes - and also spend a LOT of effort to change habitual behaviour and prevent it. Habits are both a blessing and a curse. I change up things often - would take me an essay to explain that here. :) Most people are so wedded to their habits that they never really LIVE. So the habit chat is a two-edged sword.


Haha well said. I totally agree. A friend of mine was saying how he hopes to have no habits. I prefer to have some .... My morning routine is really beneficial to me and helps me start my day off right ... Yet I don't "lose it" if I don't complete it everyday.

What have you found to be most effective in getting rid of unwanted habits?

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Universal Truth - Behaviour is a direct byproduct of our habits which takes time to be created, funny way of telling a serious message. Kudos

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