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Social media was never meant to enslave us, our minds especially. It was never to rob us of our time either. The plan was to make available an almost inexhaustible volume of information ready at our fingertips. To aid communication and ease the burden of having to talk to loved ones, family and friends, business partners, etc. spread across the globe without so much fortune being expended, for just a token.
While this life isn't meant to be lived in a box, it's also not to be taken very seriously. A bit too seriously and we miss the mark.

Typically, extremists are often viewed as an infamous lot. Thus, concerned parents from the world all over often ask, did social media really come to help the despondent situation with our youths or has it simply made light of it? A wise man once said,

that the best use of time is to spend it for something that outlasts it(Williams James).

This is not to say that adults and children are exempted from the mix. Quite unfortunately, this anomaly seems to have spread like wildfire. It is dangerous to be alive without knowing why we're given this life. Get it right, there are so many folks out there taking selfies, capturing moments, having the right "Pic -pose" without knowing their purpose(I'm a huge fan of selfies by the way) . Chatting isn't illegal(at least not yet.. Lol😁😀) but rather than chat away over the phone or laptop all the time, devise ways to convert your use of the internet constructively and maybe to your advantage. The Internet is supposed to be at our service and not the the way around.
Purpose is that which fuels a man(boy and girl, man and woman alike) to keep going on even in the face of overwhelming difficulties. It strengthens the resolve of any mortal being Purpose is singular. It is achieved through constant experiments and work sessions. Basically, all of life's troubles are made little more attractive where the need to fulfill purpose is cultivated.

Let's take a moment. Although exploiting a soul-searching session for a little while might not be such a viable option as time's of the essence, discovering purpose and more importantly to display convincing determination for its actualization is fundamentally crucial.

Now, where's your chat degree?

For what it's worth, let's endeavor to concentrate our energies on other puzzling circumstances and proffer workable solutions to our moribund socio-political space. It's all about making the world a better place. Let it be about that if it isn't.

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