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Can you help me get some?

I somewhat tetchily removed my pipe and let loose a finely scented plume of plum 'n rum baccy-smoke fan out over my interlocutor. He stood before me shuffling from foot to foot. Need written all over him.

I beg your pardon old fellow?

A gentleman such as myself was not used to such coarse interruptions at work. Especially when reclining to partake of the pipe.

I read all this stuff about Bitcoin at lunchtime. You're into all that shit aren't you?

At this, I placed my pipe back in my mouth for a gentle chew and nodded wisely.


Ah, the bitcoin. Weeeelll. Yes, I might know something of it. I might even know a fellow who would be able to, hmmm. How to put it. Sort you out?

I mean its gonna be worth a fucking fortune in the future isnt it?

I crinkled my lips at such course talk. Had my cane not been some feet away propped beside my cloak and galloshes I would have thrashed the life out of him.

One just simply does not talk of fortunes to another gentleman unless lamenting the loss of a cargo of tea and spices to the pirates on the Indian sea over a gin or two.

Yes, it may rise old bean but I wouldn't be betting my bahjinah on it.

Excellent, I will get like, ten or somethin' to start, see how it goes.

I tittered at the yokel. Ten bitcoin indeed. What was this, 2010?

Young man, you do know that each of the bitcoins is worth over 2000 benjamins these days?

Whit??! That's mental?! It's no even real money!?!


Granted the fellow had a point, it doesn't seem real to your average man in the street. Despite his wispy facial hair insulting me with its sparseness I felt a certain generosity kindle within me. Yes, I would help this chap. Why not. Perhaps it would help him, at least in his quest for a fuller beard.

Listen my young jackanape. Take this. I hastily scrawled some words on a scrap of paper.


Go there, tell them I sent you. You can buy all the bitcoins you need.

The jackanape frowned at the piece of paper as if translating hieroglyphics. He looked at me, his face like wet socks.

So, is this on the dark web? How do I get on that?

The what? The dark fucking what?! That was it. My patience had been tried enough. I harrumphed loudly and went off to fetch my cane.

A damn good thrashing would sort him out and no mistake.

A fine story hmm? Surely not true? Well there may be some embellishment in the part I describe for myself but I can assure you. This was a conversation I had today. At the end of which I think I was sighing so hard that I raised CO2 levels around the globe.

I mean...


Someone please write a Bitcoin for Noobs guide. So I don't have to write one or answer these types of questions with words from my actual mouth.

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Turns out this is a very common conversation today..

Well told!

Yes, I suspect there was some well read article about bitcoin going to the moon in one of the news sites!


Think that's been every day for the past 3 months!

That is true!

the dark web ?
is that what a dark spider spins ?

you gave it to him?
gimme and hell - you'll hear me not saying no to it
hell no!

I am going to get some of those special spiders and make them spin me some dark web!!! :O)

haha so true! But no one tells a story like mr boom

Hey @meesterboom! I really love the art work that you start your posts with. Well done again!

Thanks @kus-knee, it is good to know it is appreciated as I do spend a bit of time on it! It is a favourite part of making a post for me!

I do wish it was 2010 and buying 10 bitcoin was no problem...Now you need to take out a loan to buy 10 bitcoin lol.

I think once people stop seeing bitcoin as a dark web we will see it go mainstream. Silkroad put bitcoin on map, but it kinda hurt it at the same time. Well hurt it short term, not long term.

It definitely hurt. People still associate bitcoin with the silk road, guns and drugs.

How awesome would it be to be back then and buy a hundred or so!

or get paid 10,000bitcoin to buy someone a dominos pizza.... IM BANGING MY HEAD AGAINST MY DESK NOW!!!

I think I am too now!!

Good post, thanks for sharing

Cheers man!!

U are welcome @meesterboom please visit my blog and help

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Have you ever played Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo? That was one of my favorite games, and there was a shack in every land where old Cranky Kong would hang out. You could go in to get advice if you dared, but he'd be sure you call you an idiot and whack you upside the head with his cane. Thats exactly what came to mind reading this one. Brilliant!

Hehehe, I hadnt played it no. I am glad it reminded you of something that made you laugh though!!

Yes, this on top of the laughter that a meesterboom post already elicits! :)

You are too kind! :OD

Time for a beer.
Cheers mate ! :-))

Hehe, cheers dude!

This is frustrating for sure!

Most people just don't care about the crazy-internet-money-thingy, but we know better!

We do!! We know the bestest!

Damnable crypto coin upstarts, who does this fellow think he is? Next thing he will be distrirbing out morning paper reading session at the gentleman's club, does he not understand 'THE WAY THINGS SHOULD BE??' thrash the fellow next time! Release the hounds and be done with him!

The hounds were moments from being released! He had no idea!!

As long as they were baskervilles, you want to make sure that fellow doesn't come back again should you need to tease those fine canines in the future.

They would be sharp toothed monsters. The only worthy kind!

What a gentleman! You'll have to tell me moar stories through this character, I'm tearing up over here

Hehe, he is a fine alter ego to have!! I always cheer myself up when I look through his lens. :O)

Would it surprise you to know I have a small collection of antique pipes? Ready for when Ophelia and Boom start their investigation agency.

Cor blimey, there is nothing stopping this investigation agency!

I have always been intrigued with them. I worked with an old feller many years ago that smoked out of a right curly affair. They are so cool arent they. The mannerisms of the age and all that associated gubbins. You should post a photo. I say that only because I am nosey and would love to see lol

Cryptocurency is so in its infancy that yes majority of the masses believe it's not real. Until, I really got into Bitcoin and researched it , I too, felt it was just fake or funny money. That it really wasn't real somehow. It is not an easy change. We are so use to fiat money. Revolutionary change and Reset. Exciting times ahead. Profitable if on the right side and the right "fram of mind"

I was exactly the same, It's so easy to forget how other people view it especially when you interact with so may people who are well versed in it.

Very exciting times ahead!

Thnx. Appreciate you

The bitcoin discussion around my friends feels like we are dealing drugs. Quiet little undercover talks about who, how, when, and how much. Slowly, they are all getting hooked.

Hehe, that was the other way I was gonna tell it. It started out that way. He was acting so suspicious!

Get them hooked and we will all be laughing!

As soon as he said Not Real I would have lost fact if one more person says to me that crypto is not real, well, I'm not sure what I will do, but it will definitely be something.

I'll probably just explain to them that it is as real as the dollars they have in the bank like I usually do though XD

Yeah, Ihave done that on many an occasion and still people laugh and say but its not real money!>!?!?

There will be a reckoning one day!

One day. I can't wait for then!

I mean, I get it, it takes like four different analogies and a solid knock on the head to first understand crypto...but to say it's not real...just blasphemy!

I have spent bitcoin in the pub and bought beer for people who still insist that it is not real. Madness!

It really is, my boss came to me and said I was silly for owning bitcoin, he said you can't use it to buy anything...I sent him a link for BitPay and he hasn't said a word about it since. It's just as real as the dollars he has sitting in the bank...only ours has a chance to grow!

Mine is the same. In fact when he talks about it he sort of sniggers as if by having some or having anything to do with it I am playing dungeons and dragons with teenagers. Mental!

Well everyone I know that was playing dungeons and dragons back in the day is loaded now from there tech maybe he's onto something here hahah

Lol, you have a point!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

careful, you don't want to end up being the guy who spent .0005 bitcoin on a round of drinks!

An enjoyable post too :)

Thank you!

Yeah, I dont want to be that pizza guy when its worth 30,000!

that's the one! :)

After bitcoin discussions I just feel Thoughtless. My brain stops working.

I get a bit of that too

Haha so I think bitcoin has some hypnotic properties.

Lol, perhaps!!

Hey dear, I think you are very funny. I will be happy of you have a look my vfx short video clips and tell how how are they and do you enjoy them?

I just had a look, very good!!

"I tittered at the yokel. Ten bitcoin indeed. What was this, 2010?"
I;m dying!

Lol. I know, he thought he was going to come in and be the big man of bitcoin!

at the rate we're going these days....

You might have a point. I cant look

Excellent post dear friend @meesterboom, the bitcoin in a currency has a great growth forward, but there are millions of people who have no idea that exists and disbelieve that it has a trade value, in my country very few people know that There is the world of criptomonedas, this year, listen to what I say just this year the Argentine Presente made a slight introduction to the subject, we are talking about the President of the country, imagine from there down.
When I tell you what I work, they look at me like I come from outer space. Thank you very much for sharing this material
Have a beautiful friday

Cheers @jlufer! In my work its exactly the same. Outer space!

"Not real?"

"The dark web?"


Exactly, nothing quite sums it up except for a harrumph!

You know one of the very few good things about getting older is being able to show the youngins a thing or two! Well done buddy!

It is, I felt quite proud that if all the technical Wizards in my work not a one off them will even have heard of blockchain let alone crypto!!

At a bbq yesterday, similar questions kept coming up. Whenever I found myself in a one on one conversations with people, i'd get the old "so I hear you know about that crypto stuff, tell me something." Okay i'll begin, where? I need me a cane for thrashing.

Should start up a shop selling those high quality thrashing canes!!:0D

I want one with a marble lion's head.

Silver wolf for me!! Marble lions head is cool thought!

With words from my actual mouth....LOLOL The dark web LOLOL X5. It's amazing that there are still so many people out there who are clueless about crypto, especially bitcoin.

I know, but it did make me realise that on here etc we are all in a bit of an echo chamber as I had no clue before steemit and might even have asked the same questions. Well... minus the dark web lol!! It was hilarious. Mr Swagger man he thought he was!

Ah, well I have no idea what it's like to not know about bitcoin since Howie has been all over it since it was worth pennies. He is a big time miner and well read and versed on all things crypto. Owned one of the first wallets, which sucked royally considering they were easily hacked. We'd have a fortune in btc if they'd had the encryptions they do now.

I'm sure you've said, but what brought you to steemit? Whatever it was I blow it kisses for my good fortune :)

Yep, hard to me to explain too much about Bitcoin. You know, it is not like you can go to the pawn shop and buy some Bitcoin as you do junk gold, right?

Exactly! Although I wonder when pawn shops will start to try and get in the game

I nearly missed your post tonight, at the labour ward with my good wife waiting for her contractions to start, she will murder if I don't put my phone down ;-)

Hot dangtastic. Is it time!!! You are obviously forgiven, hope everything goes smoothly!!!

Damnit! I knew there was something a bit BOOM-y about the rain outside. CO2 levels must be off-the-charts!

You know, I've explained Bitcoin and Blockchain to many a jackanape myself. Others enjoyed the complex technical talk, but others got the explanation when I compared proof-of-work to that saying "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" The mileage varies it seems.

Yeah, I mean to be fair, I was one only a year ago. There isn't much mainstream talk on bitcoin. Still a bit of work to be done!

I still can't believe we've come a long way from 2008 though. I remember back then people talking about double digit BTC as a norm. If we only knew how big it would get. We could've been clanking glasses of champagne aboard our own separate yachts right now instead of talking over the internet.

You are right there man!! I just assumed it was some kind of fad!


I'm investing in Schmekles.

What?!?!?! They're not even real!! ;O)

Haha that's true bitcoins are going so high and well told this story... I found it very impressive... love to see more and nice work with that animated photo meesterboom... 👍

haha true
these are ideas we never know when an idea is a hit or miss

I think I agree :O)

What A Idea Sir🤔.
Upvoted @blueheaven 🙋

Thank you very much!

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