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RE: An Artistic Breakdown: Strangled

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Facing the left. A bad omen.

I think you highlight a very important point in all the nonsense that has gone on lately. Often the focus is on developers and witnesses, who have poured everything they have into this platform. We are often forgotten. The content creators. The people trying to make this place a place that people want to visit out of all of the places on the big wide Web. A place that is a success. How often we are derided, denigrated and sneered at though.

Success should be celebrated and you my friend have been and are a success here.

If this is your last post then you have done a fine job. I hope that it isn't though. Just because I'm a selfish bastard ;0)


I've been trying to give the content producer a voice for a long time. It's often overlooked, you're right. We've spoken about this many times. There are plenty who voice concerns but often those of us who could provide valuable insights get lost in the noise. Ned fucking muted me, for fuck sakes. These things though, they don't make me bitter. I forgive and forget.

I'm seeing now a push for a split. That'll take some convincing. Instead of steemit take being the problem, the next highest on the list will take over that role. The same group of bottom feeders will tag along to shoot us all down and call us ass kissers. LOL... Where the fuck did I put my beer.

Get that beer!

I dont like what I am seeing and what I am seeing is people saying that a split is inevitable. They are saying that a group of influential witnesses and stakeholders are all but set to leave. I just dont think they actually care about what everyone else thinks. As far as they are aconcerned, their vocal minority is in fact the community.

Sigh sigh sigh.

Fuck it, I am cracking one open too!

It's hard to know if all just for show. I do respect a lot of these people though. I know many of them, from around here. I've not known them to be morons. I also see a lot of emotions. And I don't blame em.

Maybe we should all just get straight hammered and drunkenly keyboard warrior the fuck outta this place for shits and giggles.

Hammered and keyboard warrioring!!

That's the way to go! :0D

I can't hit the bottle without music!