IPAs at war: Beers!

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It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring. Wait. Am I the old man? Not bloody likely when there are beers on the go!

Despite the atrocious Scottish weather, I have decided to lighten it up this week with some fine IPAs.

Will they tickle my patootie or will they get some Scottish short shrift?

Let us see.


I have never tried this brewery before. Interesting can, I like it.


Somehow the idea of a Weiss style IPA quite appeals to me. Let's get it plonked into a glass.


Hmm, a tad wishy-washy looking. A pale straw colour. Nice head at least.

Well, you don't get your neck wet by talking about it. Tally-ho!!

Wow a pleasant beer, for some reason I am taken aback. After seeing the colour, I thought it would be shit. Don't get me wrong, it isn't amazing but it is perfectly pleasant. Yes that's what it is, perfectly pleasant. 7/10 booms!!


Now, Beavertown. Skulls and madness is what I associate with them. They are capable of greatness but also equally capable of throwing out some ridiculous duds. Which will this be?

A splendid design on the can as ever. Not their best but still good and skully but onwards, to the beer.


What the flim-flam-McJam? That is not quite what I was expecting. It looks like custard. Weird custard.

I feel apprehensive.

Let's get this over with.

I don't think I can elaborate any further. I get bitter bitter hops but not good bitter. I don't like it at all. This nonsense can take 4/10 booms simply because of a weird loyal feeling to Beavertown. Daft I know. It should probably get a two. Hmmph.

Well. I am off to lick the bottom of the kitchen bin to get that taste out of my mouth.

Nah, not really. I have many fine beers ready to travel the well worn road down my neck. Prepare yourself beers, I'm coming!!


Cheers everyone!!

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I'm worried that this was a mistake, but I watched some of your videos with my wife. She has questions . . .

Do you practice making faces in the mirror while you brush your teeth so that you can use them in your videos?

Actually, that was the only question for you. The other questions she asked were for me: "What did he say?"

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what did he say

Hehehe!! You can't bear the Scottish accent for being as clear as mud!

No practice at all, they are news to me when I see them!! Lol

Can you really go wrong with Monkey beer?? The monkey on the right side of the can looks pissed off though. Looked smooth and refreshing. The Sapling beer looks like a murky swamp. Was it thick going down? Thankfully it didn’t get clogged!!!


It felt thick, it felt foul. I am sure that no beer should look like that. It looked like those flavoured vodkas you make at home with lots of m&ms!!

Both these wouldn't make it to the top of my list! Better luck next week, Boom!


I know, most disappointing. I have one Ajay bought for next week. Just have to find a complimentary opponent for it. It looks to be a cracker!

Oooh, those cans are pretty, like the guy showing 'em off ;)
Cyber clink glasses me boom, drink the night away!
Am I first to comment?? I did it!!


You are first!!


Hehe, none so pretty as yourself milovely!



Do you know that feeling of trying for eons to beat the high score on a game and finally accomplishing it? That's this feeling! Woot!


Bahahaaaha, oh yes. I know that feeling!

You've made it babycakes! Your winning! :0D

I’m going o have a few beers today just because your drinking one! 😂

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Wayhay!! I hope you enjoy dude!!!

Interesting offerings this week. Do you just review IPA's or would you be open to other beer offerings? I'm asking because here in the states in the 90's someone came out with Billary Beer to commemorate President Bill Clinton. We have quite a few cans in our home because my husband is a lover of politics. You may be able to get it on amazon. :-)


I review everything! If it's remotely beer like I will review it! I will have to check in Amazon and see!

The Beavertown looks like cider that's about to turn!


It tasted a little like that too. Maybe it was a bad one!

@meesterboom these presentations today are amazing, I bet that the Beavertown would be the best, what a disappointment to see your score
thank you very much for letting us know this beers
happy saturday of beer dear friend


Hurrah for beer Saturdays, I hope you had a good one too @jlufer!

It used to be "Beavertown or bust", now it's just "Beavertown is busted". The dam has cracked and the facade has faded. They really need a champ just to reclaim their good name.


They do they gave one in the shop that is 11 pounds. I can't bring myself to but it in case it's shite!

se ve muy refrescante esa cerveza se ve demasiado buena y refrescante,buen provecho,saludos desde margarita venezuela,espero sus visitas.


¡saludos! fueron muy refrescantes! aclamaciones,!

@meesterboom These beers are a clear example that: "nothing is what it seems".
the can of gorilla is pretty, has a good design, the other one I do not see well the design.
But you do not have such a bad job despite the bad beers, there are more good ones.
and the tests with all the desire and if you do not like it, you eliminate it from your list


I like that thinking! There are always more and better beers to try!!

hahaha! your expressions doing that second testing are priceless! lol. great job sir and great fun!


Why thank you, I have been told that I have a funny face!

Your local seems like paradise. What with the vast variety of beers at your disposal!

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It is quite amazing. I am lucky that I found a new place that is even better than my old beer shop. There are more beers than I can keep up with!!

Sizzling cat's cocks lol. I don't know where you come up with this stuff. I love it when you get a dud as we can almost (not really) guess what you are going to say next.


Duds can be quite fun in that respect!! Hehe

LOL wow these cans have quite the artwork on them. So my question is how do the ones that you give below 5 Booms, stay in business? lol The facial expressions with the second one were priceless. LOL


It's something I have wondered too! I guess some folk must like them... Yeek.

With all of these new ones I don't think all of them remain in existence. I have noticed that some disappear as quickly as they appear!


ahh yes. that makes sense. I wonder how many people just buy them because of a cool design...hehe


HAhahahahahahahahhahaha, oh how I would be lying if I said that the design didnt influence me at alL!!! :O)


LOL :) hahaha I mean how could it not? LOL


Hehe, exactly!

Well the Sapling doesn't even look like beer lol...I think you got gypped! Nevertheless, I am sure you'll have a great weekend! Onward to the beers!!


I am indeed having one! It might be a shanner as they say in the trade! Yikes, I a lot of it too!!

three wise ass monkeys and nasty bitter hops not appealing....wonder what you would get if you mixed the two?...lol
upvoted and resteemed
sorry am behind on my comments....just catching up!


Lol, I dread to think what would happen if they were mixed!!!

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Like to see and eat them.


Not much eating in them!

Very nice design Bears! Ops Beers :P


Always fear the Bears!!!

Lol the one job that cannot possibly be boring - Beer reviews


That is very true!