Burnin The House Down

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Are you sure this was necessary?

The Good Lady wrung her hands with angst as she watched the flames rise high.

Aye, it was necessary, lass.

Before us, our house burned. The flames cracking and sparking some twenty, thirty feet in the night sky.

But, I don't understand? Why? Why now? I mean, we had been trundling along for years and nothing bad had happened?

The Good Lady wailed, her face eerily lit orange by the inferno before her.

It was a defensive move baby. Don't you understand?

I set my mouth in a grim line.

I don't understand. This was our home and you have just set fire to it because someone might do something bad?

She looked at me as if I was a stranger to her.

Aye, the potential was there. I had to mitigate it somehow.

I snorted like a bull with a power hardon.

Couldn't you at least have discussed it? Talked it over before you put a torch to the place? I have a stake in all this too, you know?

A tear tracked down the Good Lady's face as she watched everything we had built together burn.

No time to discuss it, baby. Or the bad thing that had the slight potential to happen might have happened. I had to act as a supermajority and take the decision.

I looked off into the distance beyond the flames to the dystopian future only I could see lurked. A broken landscape with nothing living left in it.

I shook my head.

You ask why now? I can't answer that in a way that makes sense or seems logical. All I can tell you is, this had to happen to protect us all from the bad things that could maybe happen if the stars aligned in a particular way or the tossed coin landed on its edge. Or something something.

I struck a heroic pose in the flickering light of the flames. A pose worthy of a Baron.

When the flock needs culling, the shepherd doesn't ask the sheep who should walk into the night. Oh no, the shepherd chooses. Because he is chosen to choose.

I laid a hand reassuringly on the Good Lady's shoulder.

I did this so that I, I mean we could be safe.

I breathed in the scent of char and ash. It smelled good.

I guess, the fear was that someone might have taken my house away from me...

I said softly, my voice barely audible over the roar and crackle of the fire.

But now we don't have a house to be taken from us!?

She let out a great heaving sob.

I nodded. I would do anything to make sure I, I mean we were ok.

This was only the beginning.

Together, we watched the house burn.


Wow, the house is just charcoal and steemy now, but you are safe! That's what counts, being safe and all...

That's right, safety! Safety from the shadows that lurk in the night! :0)


Since I was a child I have been afraid of shadows in the night! Sometime in my 50s, I lost my fear of ghosts in the closet and monsters under my bed....I know, I know, I am a late bloomer.

Hehe, well at least you have gotten halfway. To be fair I don't think there is a single one of us who hadn't had a twinge of terror in the night about our foot getting grabbed by the beast under the bed!

Yeah, I was always pleased when we got a divan base. Solved that problem, for sure.

It totally does, they should use that in their marketing!

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Sometimes the best offense is a good defense ;)

Hehe, true.

But sometimes when you punch a guy in the face out of the blue he don't take it well! ;0D

Could you have just stuck a fork into the house? Alas, then you'd have to decide whether to use a hard fork or one of them rubber coated soft ones.

It will be interesting to see whether the house rebuilds itself ... bigger, better, stronger ... or whether it smoulders for a while.

I'm going for a period of smouldering.

But, ultimately I have high hopes it will rebuild itself!!

Who are the 'they' that want to take your house? I do not thing my landlord will be happy if I take this step in advance haha

Lol, I was just being silly satirical on the Steem softfork. It might be a bit extreme for a real life scenario!!

O no I understand that - I know you are a bit crazy but not that crazy haha

I'm not sure if you can undo that one... XD

Hahaha, it would be the last resort!!!

Oh, fork it all!! Where are we going to live now???

Upped and Steemed


In the remains of what once was! I am sure that is a cool title for a book. lol!

Well, the new house will hopefully have showers that rain money! Or a steem bath. One of the other. ;)

Showers that rain steem!! Oh wait.... :OD

I know, right? Let it burn!!! We can rebuild. As if we have a choice. :(

We can indeed. Whilst the rain falls down on us like shit out of the sky. sob

I'll click my ruby slippers and chant, "There's no place like Steemit! There's no place like Steemit!"

I would pawn them slippers for Bitcoin! :OD

Sad day in the land of Steem...maybe we'll be rise like the Phoenix, out of the ashes!

Hehe, that's the best thing to hope for. The mighty steem phoenix is born!!!!

If the witnesses didn't kill it first... ;0D

I bloody loved that whole album!!

Now I shall be humming that in my sleep :0)

All I'm going to do today is get smashed and play my memories, really fucking loud. Enjoy your sleep and be happy you're not my neighbor.

Enjoy dudester! I would be quite happy being your neighbour. The missu might have different views tho, :OD

She'd be glued to the window. "Why is the fucking neighbor wearing a lucha libre mask and cape, to mow the lawn? It's three in the goddamn morning!"

I would be like, hey, whay can't you stop STARING!!!!

Did ghosts take over your house and you needed to fire them out? 😂

It's a surefire way of making sure that they don't bother you ever again!! :OD

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