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RE: Quick and Easy Cannabis Chocolate Bar Recipe

in #life3 years ago

Yum! I'm going to make some right now. Just gonna melt a brick of baking chocolate into some infused coconut oil mmmm mmmm


Thanks medikatie. Not a bad chocolate creation you had on your post as well!

Thanks @massmedicinals! It was delicious. Have you ever tried chocolate shell that squirts onto iced cream and hardens? It's like that...dangerously good mmmm mmm now that you reminded me, I gotta go have some!

I haven't tried that before. For me it's really important to ensure all the edible is consumed. So I might not opt to warm and pour it over ice cream, only because there could be left over on the bowl. That's just my preference, and your suggestion sounds delicious for non-canna chocolate :)

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