The tyrant's biggest fear...

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The tyrant's biggest fear is an armed and historically literate populace. An armed populace is the biggest deterrent to a totalitarian government, for reasons I will outline below.

Historically speaking, genocide has always been carried out AFTER the government has disarmed the people, because in that weakened and vulnerable state, the people have no practical means of defending themselves against their oppressors. Just ask the Jews of Nazi Germany, or the Russians sentenced to Soviet-forced-labor camps in communist Russia, how gun control worked out for them. Millions of lives were extinguished, all in the name of national socialism and communism (just to be clear, I'm against all forms of government, not just socialism and communism).

'Gun control' is about shifting firearms from the people into the hands of government, the biggest mass murderer in recorded history. Guns are not inherently bad; they are merely tools that can be wielded either for violent or defensive purposes.

Example: If a group of men were violently gangraping a women and you, a moral, responsible individual were handed a gun, would you use it? Not only would you be within your rights to use it, but I would argue that it would be morally incumbent of you to use the firearm to shoot at and potentially kill the rapists. Self-defense is a natural right, and no government has any authority to take that right away from us, especially while they -- the oppressors -- are armed to the teeth.

How firearms are used is up to the individual, and rests solely upon the level of consciousness of the individual wielding the technology.

Thank you for your time and attention.



Exactly, preach brotha!

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