Supporting war is not only evil, it's stupid

in #life6 months ago

If you support the invasion of an entire country, based on the nefarious actions of a small group of people, you are an idiot.


Wars are usually initiated under the premise that corrupt governments in faraway lands must be overthrown to protect the local people. But, in actual reality, the local people are the ones who suffer the most.

It's the local men, women and children -- everyday people like you and me -- who are murdered in the thousands, if not millions (see Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc.) If you don't believe that statement, Google image search 'depleted uranium Iraq', and then get back to me.

Schools are bombed. Hospitals destroyed. Water facilities wrecked. War always costs the civilians, people who just want to put food on their tables and live their lives free from harm. By calling for the invasion of an entire country, you are jeopardising the lives of thousands/millions of innocent people -- many of whom will probably be killed.

Imagine Donald Trump had been found guilty of murdering innocent American people, and the global military response was to invade America. Would you support it?

If a foreign military landed on your doorstep, speaking a tongue you didn't understand, and started aggressively killing your people, would you stand by and do nothing? Well, that's exactly what happens when OUR governments invade other countries.

If an individual is found guilty of a crime, then that individual should be dealt with accordingly. Do not punish millions for the actions of a few.


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Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.