The Australian election is upon us - democracy sausage anyone?

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And I still have no idea who to vote for

I've been pondering which party to vote for over the past few months. At first, I was quite sure that I would vote for an independent party given that the major parties are either lacking in sound policy to address our most critical issues or appear to be very easily bought and quite corrupt.


However, as I delve more deeply into each parties policies I can see the value in voting for the lesser of two evils. But I also see value in voting for a party who is likely to receive more seats in comparison to all of the other smaller parties but who has policies and values that I more closely align with.

I'm still undecided, and the polls open tomorrow. So I really need to make up my mind rather than sitting here on Steemit, buying some Bitcoin and playing Apex Legends.


And for the first time in my life, I'm planning on joining a party. I think that it is high time that I started to exert my small amount of influence on a parties policy and direction. So I plan to join whichever party I decide to vote for tomorrow. And maybe, one day in the future, I'll even try my hand at taking a more committed role in the big bad world of politics.

I have my niece to thank for the motivation to join a party. She's only quite young however already has the lofty goal of becoming an Environmental Minister. She's an inspiring young lady, and clearly far brighter than most of the members in our family.

While the incredibly selfish purpose of writing this post was to help me make a decision as to who to vote for, it has failed miserably. So I suppose I'll need to get some sleep and I'll hopefully be better at decision making at sunrise.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Hey, @mazzle.

Well, good luck with all of that. Personally, politics is one of those things to avoid getting into, but I guess we all heed the call to arms in different ways. :)

As far as making real change I don't really see many options to be honest. I used to hope that I could make a change on my own however I don't see that happening.

It sounds like you weren't happy with the outcome. Sorry. That's usually how it works here, though. Funny that it's the liberal party that is not protecting the environment there when that's who does it here, or at least they are the ones coming up with all the rules and regulations to prevent land use.

Yes, our liberal party is very inspired and influenced by your Trump while also being quite corrupt. What scares me most is just how openly corrupt our government is. I've never seen anything like it here in Australia before.

The liberal party inspired by Trump? Nothing could be farther from the truth here, or at least not as far as the farce they like to play here goes. He's enemy No. 1, at least to the diehardcore liberal side. I don't think I buy it, but then Trump has been more conservative than I thought he would be too on a lot of things, so anyway.

I'm sorry to hear that a government that apparently used to be less transparently and openly corrupt is now more so. Or something like that. :)

Yep, our libs seem to love Trump. They’re the only Australians who do.

We have varying levels of corruption in Australia but it’s gotten much worse with the libs in power. It’s very sad.

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Can't wait for the United Australia ads to go away. If I hear about one more Chinese airstrip in the Top End...

It's insane how much that giant douche spent on his campaign. And his preferences went to the Libs anyway...

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