because i take it seriously :)

That makes no sense at all.

its an education platform where we help to people succeed in forex trading. Step by step we will learn people how to trade. After 6 months hard work you understand the market and you can trade at yourself. :)

You should just say that. And posting the same content repeatedly could very well be viewed as spam.

Also, it's pretty well known that those who can't make a success of something often try to teach people how to do what they, personally, couldn't achieve.

Hi @gentsudent! Interesting post, right before checking the clip, have a question. How Forex trading is compliable with the blockchain technologies?

yes because we got a forex and cryptocurrency course my friend :)

Are you part of Dev Team in such a project/platform?

yes! It's an amazing programm to learn trade. And also support is very strong in my team :)

Team work for sure is a Must for successful enterprise!

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