Please come and see what I did .

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Hello Namaste hola friends,

Now a days steemit becomes my habituaL action . I get up with steemit, walk up with steemit and sleep up with steemit. Just joking friends.

Today I have done my most important program, the food distribution program for the flood victims. There are 100 families approximately all total 300 people are there, Yesterday I had distributed bread, banana, water bottles some butter and jams to the poor people mainly childrens and women.


I made a video of the program, these people are surprised at first how did I managed all these things. They knew that I am a single mom and only a school teacher, how could I managed all these things. I told them that there is a community of very good people who provided me every thing to help them.

You know friends,at that time a few of medical people were also present there, they all are anxious to know about our community. I told them ,that I dedicated two of my post for the Flood Victims of my locality, and request for the the help to some of my friends from the greatest community of the world ,that is steemit community in which I am also a small member.


They looked at me surprisely, at that time you know my friends ,I feel very proud as they thought me as if I am a genius woman. Thanks friends giving me the opportunity ,this feelings is great! I know myself very well, I am nothing here, it is possible only for you guys. I did all these from the reward of my first post. I could get 8 SBD from my Ist post ,and one of my friend markwhittam donated 10 SBD total 18 SBD, with this I can have at least rs 1200 twelve hundred Indian currency , I purchased these things with rs 1300.

Thanks for the valuable supports friends. These people are very much thankful to you friends.I apologies with you friends ,I could not make a very good vedio too ,as it was my first video in front of so many people. But now I am little bit confident that I can do much better in my next one.

Some of my friends also help me so much to arrange all these things, but I forgot to introduce with you friends. I promise I will definitely produce a good thing in my next one.

I want to thanks all of my steemian friends such as therealpaul, kus-knee exeyl ,Canadian coconut, and many more. I want to thank specialy markwhittam who for the first time came for ward to help me,from this my inspiration increase I had requested you guys to help me. Thanks, you all guys did a great job by helping me.

Finally I want to tender my heartest gratitude to the greatest steemian's who is now doing his IMG-20170815-WA0036.jpggreat job by promoting my 2nd post in great way, he is non other than the great steemian's kafkanarchy84 from Japan and his team. Let's see what happens in near future, how much supports will I get from you guys.


Lastly I again request you all friends, there is also have much time if you want to help them. Please come forward to help the humanity. I also want to invite and request ,the famous Indian steemians firepower, rayalmacro, too to help the flood victims.


Namaste, if you like my post please don't forget to upvote follow and resteem it ,so all people can see it and come out for the sack of humanity.

I love you friends, wish you all good health and happiness. Jay Hind.



Wow, this is amazing what you are doing for your community, if only there were more people like you willing to help in such a way.

The video was great and it was great to finally get to meet you :)

I will continue to support you and your cause, and thank you for mention :)

Next week I will be in a position to give more but for now I will pay for a resteem :)

Keep up the good work my Friend :)

Thanks for the great supports friend. You are so sweet and kind hearted person I ever meet in my life. Friend I often wonder seeing the attitude of people, the corrupt behavior of system and society all compelled me to think that no more humanity exist in the earth. But now you people are so good and sweet and kind hearted, I have lots more inspirations arises in my heart, thanks for everything, I will prey for you from my heart, have a great day, Good luck. Thanks.

that is wonderful work you did.

Think you so much friend, it was possible because of you friends. Thanks.

May the divine be with you and help you. I would have liked to be at your side and work with you because I respect what you do ... thank you

Most welcome friend, it was possible only for you friend. Thanks.

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Good job friend! We all are supported you.Go ahead..

Thanks, baby.

I loved the video. Glad to see this. You are a real beacon to your community, I feel. Thanks for what you are doing. Bless you.

Thank you so much my dear friend, it was possible only for you, you are so sweet and nice person, I am only the way you are the main actor of the welfare program.I have to share a lot with you, I will also organize the another program, please suggest me how do I do that and when will I do that. Sorry friend I pronounce your name kafkarachy in the video. It was my first attempt so please, I will definitely do better in my next one. Any way you look awesome in your latest video. Thank you so much coming to my post, have a very good night to you and your beautiful family. Happy steeming.

Hi dear friend... Congratulations... You have really done a great job...

Thank you so much friend, I have mentioned your name to the people.

Your actions prove the relevance of the Steemit platform, thank-you!

Thanks for the nice compliment, it's not me but you guys are the real heroes.Thanks for everything. Have a great time.

great work and its really appreciable
i vote you my bro i always remember you :)

Thanks for the sweet support and love friend, you did a great job for the victims. Thanks.

but you can't upvote my post i watcch

This is an awesome thing you are doing, thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much friend, nothing is possible without you, so thank you guys. You are so sweet and nice person guys, thanks.

You did great work my friend and i am so proud on you. The thing which you done is really great because if we give food someone who really need it then they give praise and its working for us too. I am not saying that you are doing for it but karma will work. If you dp good with others then it will sure good wil happen with you. Such nice work you did and also its very great day too so i am salute to you mam. Jay hind.

Thanks a lot for such a great gift friend.It is possible only for you guys so all credit goes to you friends.Have a great day friend, you look handsome in wedding dress.

Great job! You are doing a wonderful thing and deserve to be proud! @maya7

Thanks for the nice gift and complement. I am doing nothing it was possible only for you guys, I am only the proposer, you are the real heroes.Thanhs,have a great day friend happy steeming.

Great work mam

Fabulous! Thanks for inviting me to see your blog!

Most welcome friend and thanks.

That's really a nice initiative from you. It's amazing that with just 1200 INR, you were able to do so much. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the compliment.

I want to cry looking at you helping this people. I also thank everybody that is trying to help your cause. Did the rain stop? How is the floodwaters looking at this time. May God bless you abundantly @maya7.

Thanks for your sweet appreciation.The flood water gradually decrease, but friend after effects, prevail everywhere. Unhygienic conditions, drinking water scarcity lots of problems arises. Though some medical people providing some help ,but you know these people have been victimized every year. The government never think about the permanent solution of the problem, they always applied short term methods of control of flood problems. Otherwise the political parties will not have any issues, so public harassment.

Wow That is so beautiful :) Great Work :)

You like it, thanks.

I loved seeing the updates, thank you for sharing.

Most welcome friend, it's possible only for you. So thanks, have a great day friend.

Great work mam.

Thanks for the compliment,upvoted and followed you. Have a great day, beta.

wow, you are doing a great job!

Thank you so much friend, your appreciation is my treasure.

It's nice to see what you have done to help your community, and it was good to see you in the video! I heard you mention me there too, but you are the one to thank for helping your neighbors like this. I like to see good people doing what is natural; making sure that the children are taken care of.

It's my pleasure to have you as my good friend. Thanks for reading and watching the video, Its only possible because of you friends, I want to keep you as my special friend, if you agree. I want to know more about you and your family, your country everything. Please stay connected with me.It is here 11o clock night, what is the time there now. Wish you good health and happiness.

I think that you are on the exact opposite side of the Earth from me, it was about 1:00 in the afternoon here when you sent the reply at 11. Yes we will stay connected here! I am usually around more, I had to be away from the internet for a few days there, but I'll stay in touch with you here!

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