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RE: Just a short update - and maybe a couple of pics of my girl...

in #life3 years ago

Hi, Maisie, you gorgeous kid :)
It's your very first Christmas, how exciting. You're the only person in your family who isn't sick of Christmas Carols yet. Enjoy that while it lasts.
Great to see you chilled out with Father Christmas. I didn't notice you at first, that's some great camouflage.
See you next year, Sweetheart :)


Yeah, she looks so tiny in this one. About a week and a half later we had photos with a different Santa, because Big W's purchased photos were horrible with so much surrounding store rather than focussed on the Santa and Child. Mostly because their 2018 balloons were above the starfield background.

It is her first, but I'm not sure she really knows what's happening. She will be getting so many things though, because we all spoil her terribly.

Somehow I'm not that sick of the carols yet, but probably because I've not been out so much to shops etc, so haven't been hearing them every day for over a month.

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