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One subject that has always fascinated me is the concept of the afterlife. If there is nothing after this life, on this small blue planet in the vastness of space, why would anything exist at all if it had no purpose? Where does our consciousness go? These are loaded questions. No one can truly answer that with absolute certainty. But some are working to help us find the answers.

Recently I’ve watched a show on the Gaia** network (basically Netflix for spirituality, metaphysics, ancient mysteries, the esoteric, yoga, healthy living) called Beyond Belief with George Norry. He had a guest, Richard Martini, who does film work /interviews with mediums and people under hypnosis, talking about the “flipside” or afterlife. Really fascinating stuff. It seems that people, or should I say spirits, that he interviewed through mediums basically describe the afterlife the same way. After you die, you experience a shift in vibration. We are all still here, in the same space, but in a different frequency. You meet deceased loved ones, able to travel anywhere at the speed of thought, all the while experiencing an all encompassing energy, unconditional love. How amazing! Every soul has a “council” that helps guide our soul through this journey of existence. I’ve been interested this subject for a while now, having read books by Dolores Cannon***, the late renown quantum hypnotist, where she details countless stories of sessions which describe the afterlife and past lives.

To hear Mr. Martini’s work and the similarities to these books, just makes me wonder about the possibility that I will experience it one day. It is said that our soul, before coming to this life, has already decided, with the guidance of the council, what kind of life we will have, who our parents will be, and so on. We decide what is the lesson to learn in this life. But of course, once we come here, we don’t remember our purpose and we spend our lives trying to find it out. It wouldn’t be much of a test if we knew all the answers now would it! But for now it is part of the answer to the ultimate existential question of why are we here.

It would be a comfort to know that our consciousness will live on, hopefully to a better place where we can continue to grow on this soul journey. There is much we still don’t understand about the nature of the universe so before dismissing these things as pseudoscience mumbo jumbo, it would not be such a stretch to be open minded to the possibility of the afterlife waiting for us. And death would be something that we shouldn’t fear but another adventure of the spirit.

*Image : Pixabay
**Gaia –
***Dolores Cannon books: The Three Waves of Volunteers, The Convoluted Universe series, The Custodians (available on Amazon)

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