How to Avoid Winter Allergy ?

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Allergies from clogged dust can be allergies
This time the skin loses moisture, and the environment around it becomes dry. The amount of dust also increases. Allergens are mixed with the dust. They enter the airway or sit on the skin. So in the winter allergy progresses. Someone else has cold allergy.

Govinda Chandra Roy, associate professor of medicine department of Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical Hospital, said that many people can not tolerate cold air, cigarette smoke, fragrance, intense odor, old newspaper or book-house dust. In the presence of these, respiratory problems, asthma or asthma, pneumonia etc. appear. All these things are called allergens in medical science. Pretty Winter works as an allergen for many. The symptoms caused by this are called cold allergies.

The way to survive cold allergy

To get rid of cold air, a mask (filter mask) or a mask can be used, which is made of flanel cloth and head, ears and ears covered with forehead. As a result, users can accept heated breathing. Drugs can be taken to eliminate symptoms. Sufficiently for respiratory damage such as dust germs, molds, and pollen grains to survive.

Bed & Furniture Allergies

During this time dust bacteria are accumulated in bed cover, pillow cover, pillow, coating, toxic, matte, blanket and mosquito. This germ is survived by eating many dead cells from our skin, which is constantly shaken from the skin. They often leave a lot of crap. When the beds are bouncing on the house, these shoves float in the air and spread to the whole house. Dementia of the stained bacteria is the root cause of allergies in many of our bodies. To get rid of the dust of the bed, bed cover, pillow cover, coating, mosquito net will be cleaned and cleaned.

It is possible to get rid of allergens if cleaning the floor with water and cleaner broom around the house. Daily sunlight, blankets, kanthas, tooth matters should be dry in the yard or balcony. Due to the ultraviolet light of the sun dies of dusty germs. There are dust cells in the house, chairs, tables, sofa, bed, cupboards, cupboards, and other wooden furniture. To avoid allergy, these furniture needs to be erased every day.


Foam or umbrella is found in the damp part of the house such as bathrooms, storerooms, basements, etc. Asthma or asthma can be due to airborne fungus. Fungus is one of the reasons for the dandruff, it can be allergic to dandruff.

Necessary steps should be taken to keep their homes free from fungus. So, try to keep the water circulation system free. There will be enough room for light and air circulation in the house. The place will dry well after cleaning the fungus with water and detergent at some point.

Carpet, Matt

To enhance the beauty of the house and to keep the house warm during the winter, many people spread the carpet and matte spread on the floor. But this carpet and mats daily get dirty and dirty. Dust mites born from this dirt, especially children sit in matte and carpet, sport, because of which they are infected with allergies and bind them several disorders. To avoid dust, it is necessary to clean with vacuum cleaners almost every day. If the vacuum cleaner is not in the hand, then you can clean the matte and carpet with broom on the roof. Clean the matte and carpet on the floor before removing the floor with wet cloth.

Doors, windows and curtains

In the lodging-window, every day there is plenty of dirty accumulation. Due to the doors and windows of the screen, the folds of the dhalaya bacanu are stored. After shaving the screen, the dust enters the nose-mouth and creates allergic reactions in humans. It is necessary to clean the doors and windows almost every day. Need to be removed with wet cloth for a week. With this, thick cloths need to be washed occasionally and need to be shaken every day.

From pets

Many people live in homes, cats, dogs, sheep, goats, poultry, pigeon pea and various other animals. Many people do not know that the animals of this animal are born daily in the body of dusty germs and their body hair becomes allergic. Allergic reactions of animals and saliva are also produced. It is necessary to take bath after a day or two even if animals are not daily. If you use soap in Gosal then it is very good. When the animal leaves the excretion, it should be made in the pot, that habit should be developed. It is necessary to keep the place where animals are kept clean every day.

Allergies in children's toys, shoes, fans, ACs, chandeliers and various shawls are born in dust. It is very necessary to clean these hobbies very well after one day.

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