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Hi Steemians,

I recently saw a post claiming that anyone can be wealthy as long as they make the right life choices. It said that being wealthy is in your control as long as you understand the “criteria of wealth”. These criteria were: investing in your education, choosing a lucrative career, and properly handling money.

Wealth isn’t that accessible. These choices aren’t available to everyone.

Skills and education

Education is an investment that so many people can’t make. Whether they're working to help with bills, they're looking after a family member, or they can’t afford to go away for school, etc. Some people do take on extraordinary debt to go to school but this stops them from purchasing a home due to high debt and causes ridiculously high loan payments forever.

If education is so fundamentally linked to wealth, it should be a right not a privilege. We won’t even talk about private schools.

Choosing a lucrative career

So many people are living paycheck to paycheck and they need whatever money they can get to pay the bills, support their families, etc. These people don’t have a choice in their work.

Properly Handling Money

If you made 60k a year for 10 years (which is more than the average wage in Canada) then you would have 600k if you saved every penny. Some people make that in a single year . Some people inherit that. It doesn’t matter how well you handle money if you never have access to it in the first place. Being debt free is just a dream for so many people.


“Being responsible for your own wealth” really misses the barriers that some people face everyday by assuming that everyone has a equal opportunity. Denying that these are real barriers negates what so many people have been fighting for. We shouldn’t blame people for not making responsible choices when they never had access to those choices to begin with.

When you ask about the criteria for the phenomenon of wealth and poverty, please consider the structural and social barriers that can affect different people. It’s time that we discovered the real criteria for wealth and poverty.

Andrew Martin


"It’s time that we discovered the real criteria for wealth and poverty."

You are right, some people on the world don't have the opportunities like we have but the reason is quickly found. If we look to Africa and the company Nestle who exploits all the people is only possible with the help of a destructive regime or government. The Government is always the root of the evils in the world because a government hasn't the effort to do good things for the people only the free market aka. Capitalism can do this ! This is a simple fact we all have to face! More state means more poverty and war. Less state always means prosperity and wealth for everyone (and the history showed us this like I described it in my post with the German DDR for example).

I hope I helped you with this

I find that is often the case. Governments tend to create inefficiencies in the marketplace, over regulate to the point in creating monopolies rather than foster competition. With the growth of more government comes the growth of wealth depleting taxes, add that to thriving corporate monopolies that only benefit from government regulations we end up with facist symbiotic relationship between the two at the expense of the public. A prime cause of the growing poverty in economic model we have today.

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Your conclusion really says it all, especially when it comes to monetary wealth. It's also really important to not get too attached, especially in terms of attaching one's happiness to goal making or achievement. Otherwise, this can lead to a lifetime of unhappiness as nothing will ever be good enough.

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No money in wallet, I am not happy😁😁
Full moneys in my wallet make me enjoy.
Be happy!

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