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RE: Quick and Easy Cannabis Chocolate Bar Recipe

in #life3 years ago

Thanks oliviackl, I think that those pop ups are a small price to pay for a chocolate binge. hahahaha!

We are using pure cacao powder. Which is essentially dark chocolate powder. Essentially cacao powder is uncooked raw cacao beans that have had their oils cold pressed out of them then turned to dust. In our recipe you are introducing coconut oil into the mix which allows the powder to melt into a dark chocolate bar.

This headie treat is a minimal sugar and vegan option.


I can forsee that more poo ups in my coming week @massmedicinals with this receipe 😝

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Oops typo😝 i meant pop ups muahaha..

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I hope that our skin stays acne free around indulging our canna-sweet cravings. Good luck!

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