Bottled up feelings : It's better to let them out

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                                                                                                                                                                                           Sick of crying                                                                                                                                                                                           Tired of trying                                                                                                                                                                                          Yes, I'm smiling                                                                                                                                                                                     But inside, I'm dying

Many of us don't like to uncover our masks show how they are feeling. Sometimes, we are too proud to expose ourselves to other and some of them think it's a weakness.


Many times we crush our emotions to the ground and lock them in the deep of our hearts. We think we're trying to stay strong yet we don't know what toxic the rotten feelings spread inside our mind...

We all are born with sense organs, even the animals. So having feelings is a natural thing. So is that a thing we should be afraid of?

I know that always weeping and overacting for a little something is humiliating. I hate those crocodile tears. But I'm talking about serious issues.

Some people don't show their emotions when they are sad and hurt. They just bottle up their tears and scars. And people talking about others faults in the past, not to the person but with the others is a regular thing.

Do you ever think of the results that backfired at you from hiding these?


You can hide things from the others, but you can't hide them from yourself. These bothering feelings of sadness come back to your mind like a rubber ball. It will wound you with time. It's a big hit to your mental health. You can get caught with mental disorders easily when they hurt you over and over again.

Do really want to stay put and let these things come and get you? You can seek comfort from your loved ones. Tell your closest someone about the thing that you're upset about. Cry with them and get over with it. Don't pile them up, just let it go.

It's a good thing that you can control anger at the very moment, but I think it's sometimes better to let go. I have to hide my anger over people in several moments, but afterward that have taken me down and lose my calm over other regular things. We can't concentrate on anything when our mind filled with anger. It's like a putting a boiling water pot on your head.

To reveal that stress, we sometimes talk the faults of the one who's inside our minds with other people. We share our hatred and negative energy with others. I think blaming ones on the face is better than that. You have to tell him why you're angry with him because most of the times, the other party don't know the reason. This might build an uncomfortable atmosphere for a minute, but it won't stress you over and over once you settled it.

If you don't have faith in others, remember that you have you. Expose what you're struggling to keep hidden to yourself. I use this one more often. my eyes start to fill with tears as soon as feelings hit me and sometimes people call me fragile because of that. So I keep my lips tight til I have some personal space, I let tears roll over my cheeks to wash over my emotions. It calms my mind in a soothing way. Then I listen to some music or think about the good things I have in my life to draw a smile on my face again. Let people say what they want, but I don't want to lose my cool because I'm ashamed to shred a few tears. I always come back to life through a teardrop.


And I think it's a problem if you can't let your emotions flow out when life touches your soft spots. We are all human beings, not robots. Showing emotions is not a weakness, it's a hard thing that only strong people can do. So never be ashamed of a smile, tear, hug that have a story behind. That shows how brave you are.

I'm not so experienced in this subject, I just told what I'm having in my mind as a teen. I'd love to know opinion on this topic.

Don't keep all your feelings sheltered - Express them Don't ever let life shut you up
                                                                                -Dr. Steve Maraboli-

Thanks for reading... Until we meet again<3

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I think there is nothing wrong with crying when you feel sad. It's always fine when you are alone, but when you are with others, you have to know who they are because sometimes others try to take advantage of you if they think that you are weak. It is soothing and helps to relieve your emotions to have a good cry!

Same thing with other emotions; you can show them when you're alone or with certain other people. Giving a smile and a hug is nice for both the giver and the receiver! :)


Yeah, you're right. That's why I practiced to let them go with the help of mine. I sometimes have cried in public but I hate when people start to pity me.

Oh, there's nothing better than a warm hug! The emotion that we need show others the most is happiness. You won't lose anything showing ho happy you are. Thanks for stopping by<3