Peppers, how and why to remove it's skin

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The peppers or peppers, as it is known in some countries, is one of the most used foods in the world gastronomy, since its rich pulp gives a special flavor to meals, in innumerable regional dishes, stews, sauces, creams and pates .

We can find them in red, green, yellow and even orange, according to the moment of maturation in which they are.

Peppers or peppers are a very beneficial food for health, because of the amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber they contain. However, the skin that covers them, is usually difficult to digest, as well as unpleasant when eating them, so it is advisable to remove the skin, before using them in our preparations.

This, for the majority of the people is something difficult to realize, for which, they have been devised different methods. Here I present the method that I use to do it with great ease.

First of all we should clean and dry the peppers and place them on any grill directly on the stove.

There we will be turning it carefully, until the skin has burned completely.

We will extinguish the fire and put each paprika under the tap. The water and the rubbing of our fingers will make the burned skin come off easily.

Now we will proceed to open them and remove the seeds and veins attached to the internal pulp.

Finally, we will chop the pulp, according to the dish where it will be used.

The simplest way can be to place it in a glass container with olive oil, salt and garlic to taste, to accompany with bread or crackers.

With paprika or pepper, for all good benefits.


I never gave pepper meal prep much thought lol I just wash, em, chop em, clean em and eat em lol :P Thanks for dropping some culinary education on us!

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Thank you very much for your support. Regards!

Thanks for the tip! I normally don't take the peel off but this looks pretty simple. I have a gas stove so can I just hold them over the flame to do it? What do you think?

Thanks to @chekohler for featuring your post in his Pay It Forward Curation Contest entry too😊

Hello Friend. At first I put them on top of the stove, but it is more difficult to turn them over because they fall. The grill makes everything easier. Luck!

Of course! Thank you for saving me from a big mess😂

Interesting post. I, too, have never peeled my peppers, but it's good to see how easy it is.
I found you because @chekohler featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation contest. Keep up the great work!

Hello Friend. Yes, it is very easy in this way, and especially better to digest. Thanks for reading and thanks to @chekohler for the support too.