Music and Recording Studio Tour! Ft. Surprise Cat Appearance

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Hey Steemies!

Welcome to my studio tour! This room is my jam sesh/recording space to film all of my Steemit videos. In the video I show a gorgeous 3 part painting, desk and my collection of instruments. These instruments range from a violin, electric violin, mandolin, ukulele, guitar, electric guitar and djembe. One of my favorite things in the world is collecting instruments to learn and play and I have been working on this collection since I was about 13.

Also meet my cats! The first cat you see is Peanut and the second is Baby Marshmellow. I rescued both of them about 2 months ago and it has been a fun ride watching them go from mortal enemies to friends. Watch till the end to watch a pretty bad ass battle between the two.

Thanks for watching I hope you guys enjoyed my vlog style video! Hopefully I can do more of these in the future and I hope you guys have a good night!

Peace Love Happiness

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Greetings, Mary

Look, of all the videos you posted, in this you are the most beautiful of all.
A sweet girl. Well cool your studio saw. Glad you have all those instruments to play. It must be a very good activity.

Today I will not vote, because I am waiting for my voting power or "mana" to reach 100% to start participating in the site again. In the next vote on you.

Thank you and good night!!!

Hello hello! I'm not going to upvote you because I'm a jerk because I'm at 5%, but this room is awesome! Those paintings are literally the most colourful things I've ever seen! This room is awesome! So much creative potential!

If you ever come to Oregon, you have to come to visit. We've got a music room with 3 guitars, a full drum kit and a keyboard... and only one in the house that can play anything (I'm an amazing roadie though). When we moved here, people just lent us all their stuff, it was amazing.

so cool!! love your kitty too, not sure if you back up you DTube but i have IPFS back up on my discord I will back it up for you to see if you back up...but feel free to come check out the discord..i like your stuff :)

Awesome studio!

Great setup! What DAW do you use?

Cats are definitely gonna take over Steemit someday! That art is really cool, I like how at first glance it looks super fun, but when you look closer it's super creepy 😎

I aboslutely love your new studio @maryjaney ! colorful art work , and what a great idea to have all your musical instruments on the wall and handy they look great ! hahha your cats Peanut and Marshmellow are so adorable , thanks for sharing your awesome video tour!👍✌💕

Kind :) wow this dtube is amazing. 😮

What is your opinion about my new
Music series?

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