Taking Shortcuts, or Hustling like a MOFO?

in life •  last year  (edited)

Nowadays everybody is taking about the Hustle and Grind, how about you take some shortcuts instead?

As always you can watch the short video, read the blog or do both!

My Mom

I love my mom, but here is the thing: She was raised by my grandfather and grandmother both hard working people, and learned the value: work hard. In a time where manual labour was still thriving this is a good value to have, actually its always good to be able to put your back into something, yet there is always that little sentence stuck in my mind: work smart, not hard. You see at the end of the day it doesn't matter how hard you work, all that matters are results. The result of you achieving your goals, of you being proud of yourself, of you living a happy, purposeful life. Whether it takes you 1 hour a week to do that, or 60, I do not care. As long as you find happiness and contribution in your life.

New Era

With the Information Age something has changed. We don't always have to make certain hours, or work years and years climbing the corporate ladder. There's people who start up companies and though they work hard, they don't work as long as people who took 40 years to get promoted to a CEO function. They were CEO the day they started, and within a few years their company was doing millions a year. Shall we label that as 'not fair' or simply as 'they took a risk and it paid off'.

My Example

My biggest personal example is my youtube channel PGN Piano. I have over 200.000 subscribers and was working full time. Then I got an epiphany, I changed my lesson layout. Now get this: I'm working less, producing more lessons, and the students love the new format better than the old. My mom is not that happy, now I only work the mornings so I'm not working hard. But would you really rather have me working 10 hours a day serving less students, than 4 hours a day serving more? Come on, sometimes it is okay to take a shortcut, sometimes it is a must. As long as that shortcut is ethical and legal.

Video Transcript:

So nowadays everybody is talking about the hustle and the grind. And that may lead you to believe that if you're not working hard on something it's not worth doing it. I totally disagree with that. Yes a lot of the goals that we want to achieve, a lot of the dreams that we aspire to once become realities take a lot of work. Just because you found a way to make your goals and dreams happen with little work or less time doesn't mean that it's a bad way to do it. Therefore a shortcut or as I call it an opportunity is something I want you to grab with both hands as soon as it occurs. As long as that shortcut is ethical and lawful.

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Beautiful, well done the words .. Thank you
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

crypto will be my shortcut


Exactly it is shortcuts like that, which are completely ethical and legal that we should use :) @lasna

Your videos are really inspiring, I immediately followed you, thanks for sharing:-)


thanks @zuckerzombie love your name btw! :)


Thank you:-)))))

  ·  last year (edited)

@markdeheide this is something I've personally learned from.

And what I've learned is, "working your butt off" is like sailing furiously in the deep blue sea, strategy is a compass.

Had to resteem this one.


Yeah it's good to drive fast, if you're heading in the right direction :)


Good point, couldn't agree more.


thank you @micscrypt


You got it bro. looking forward to the next one


I hope to release one tomorrow! :)

Hustle is something that is under your control. A lot of things become easier these days. That doesn't mean you don't have to work hard. If someone wants to work less, enjoy the time, that's ok. If he/she is happy with his/her life, that's perfectly fine.

But if you really want to build something, do something big, you have to work hard and smart. I don't know any alternatives.

Thanks very much @markdeheide for sharing this. Followed you!


Thanks @rezoanulvibes :)

Always think long term! Always hustle!


Thanks @cryptomeeks :) if hustle works for you, keep doing so!

Great opinion on this subject, I think more than anything is the ability to take risks and if it fails to learn from them and not simply giving up. Nowadays thanks to the information age you can earn money by doing something that you like and posting it online...the only catch is that you have to be good at it...this is my opinion.


@travelcouple1 yes! you have to be good at it, otherwise its not going to earn you any dough.

Buenos día muy polémico tema....pero interesante ....es muy cierto que hay gente que es virtuoso sin a ver trabajando ...pero también hay personas que han lucha y se han superado...en fin mientras que cada quien sea feliz con lo que tiene y hace de corazón ya se esta ganando un merito en algún lugar ....saludos ...espero me visite y contar con tu apoyo ...feliz día...muy buen vídeo....

Good day very controversial issue .... but interesting .... it is very true that there are people who are virtuous without seeing work ... but there are also people who have struggled and have overcome ... in short while each who is happy with what he has and does with his heart is already gaining some merit somewhere ... regards ... I hope you visit me and count on your support ... happy day ... very good video ... .


Thanks @maggy7419! :) Well I'm not just talking about achieving a certain specific hard goal. Just in general, sometimes you find opportunities or shortcuts, and we have been taught it is 'cheating' to take them. Whereas sometimes it's not unethical, and you should just do it if it helps you :)


Buenas noches....cada quien toma la decisión aceptada para su destino en le momento preciso...por que el tiempo de Dios es perfecto amigo...lo que es para el cura va a la iglesia...gracias por el fibas...me gusto esta retro alimentacion...saludos y mil bendiciones ...suerte

Great post, Mark. Gone are the days of a single income stream- a 9 to 5 job that you studying and graduated for, that was your sole career prospect for the rest of your life. Now we get to switch at any point and are no longer viewed as a no-hope loser because our living comes from three different streams...that are worked on from a beach in Bali...things are definitely changing for the better!


@bretonstripes Hmmm Bali! I have never been. I'm thinking about going there this coming winter! Yes absolutely true. Multiple income streams, preferable passive or semi-passive :)



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Thanks! :)

Great post. I agree, yes some skills take effort and time to gain but that concept that you must work hard all the time or that more movements mean more result isn’t true. I do believe that a well thought out plan first can lead to shortcuts for the results that you want.


@katinamc Yay! We need a plan, or you need to be extremely good at improvising! :)

Excelente punto de vista, saludos.


gracias @santixs! :)

Your post is very good!

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haha that's such a funny gif :P



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Muchas Gracias :)

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I totally agree with you. Most people have this mentality that a hard worker is someone who leaves for the office as early as 6:am and arrives home by 8:pm. It doesn't really matter if that person spent the whole day Facebook chatting and achieving nothing at the end of the day.

Shortcut is good and it is my specialty. I always seek the shortest way to succeed and like I always say: "It doesn't matter how I do it, so long as I get it done."


@mayib Exactly! That 's just a perception of someone working hard :)

And yes, it's all about the results :)

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Good work on those videos! Look like you know what you are talking about :)

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Thank you
For your writing
I've seen your writing come pretty much
I hope to write something better in the future.


I need this kind of positive vibes aroumd me.
I can see you as a whale very fast. Please dont leave me behind :)


thanks @elsiekjay I hope so! Let's all start swimming into that deep ocean called steemit!


I hope so too. I really love your one minute videos, I just discovered your blog and I am looking forward to more and to growing together. I love surrounding myself with people who challenge me.
Thank you for your reply.

Best your post
Plisss vote me

Too Amazing I Appricated


Thanks @tahoorsaleem :)

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Thanks @arcange! :) That's so cool :)

I never watched or read this post


@jbajunior so how did you end up commenting :P

If we can find a way, or ways to do something more efficiently, and get the same or better results, with less work, that is a good thing. I do agree, if it's lawful and ethical, but that should just be a logical way to look at it all. Over the years when I was working as a press operator, I found many shortcuts to help shorten some processes, I think whatever we pursue, if we do so with a passion, we find ways to improve what we do, it's just a natural thing, at least I think it is.


Yes! I totally agree @skiponline I just find it so harsh how some people treat themselves or others. Claiming that it doesn't count if it's easy for someone. The results count :)

Some good advice here thanks for your words of wisdom!


You're most welcome @crypto3em3

I wish I was smart enough not to have to work hard.


It is okay to work hard,
but not to work hard just to work hard,
when you could actually 'get away' with working less.

That's just a waste of energy :)

Plus you're doing a good job, you're on steemit! That's a very important start to working less :)


Cheers for that!

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thanks @tts! :)