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First of all Did you miss me?

Yes, it was a crazy week for me. Because I didn't find the time to work on steemit, I decided, to show you what I was doing in that time.
I was sad/angry that I am so unorganized/disorganized , that I didn't find the time, to make a good post for steemit. So my only option was, to make few changes in my work time and free time.

From now on, I will post EVERY DAY at least one quality post about macro photography or weather photography

So let's start at the beginning.

I was trying to shot an amazing macro for @flamingirl contest / but the task wasn't so easy. One of the hardest challenges, because everyday I just got only 5 min, to get the perfect shot.
Every sunrise and very sunset I was shooting...
As you see an the photo, I encountered an amazing sunrise, that happens once of twice in the year.

"Tip of the iceberg" Beltinci, Slovenia (after a storm in the morning 5:20)
Yes, I shot this with a drone and Yes, I did a make a timelaps.

Looking for the perfect spot to shoot the photo, I had so many problems. Lights, bugs OMG, oooh I learned so much.
But the best I could do, was this photo. Its not bad, but its not, what I wanted.

"Time stands still"
So @flamingirl, I'm not giving up. On the contrary, Its a kick in the ass to shoot more and find the way to get the "money shot". The photo will come !!! Hope, soon.because, it must be perfect.

Few days ago, I was honored in a paper for my macro photography and a exhibition that I had/have. (You can still go and see the photos).

Nearby bakery, did make this sweets for me. They printed my macro photo on there vanilla chocolate praline.

What, you can now eat my macro photos?😱
@flamingirl One is yours! I know you like my macro photos, so I will save one and bring it with me to Barcelona.

This was a pretty big deal for me and my work in the field of macro photography. I'm so happy about that.

But time doesn't stand still.

Next day Simon called me, to help him shot some super slow mo for his project. If you don't know who Simon is, here is his website
Because you can't say NO to a opportunity like that!

To work with the world's best cinematographer...

We were doing some amazing slow mo with wheat. What we filmed, you can find on Istock or gettyimages. But we are talking to bring some slow-mo to steemit.

Yes, we have Phantom camera😨1000fps in 4k or 3000fps in HD😱 😻
Oh yes, we have a RED too 😍

So every time that Simon calls me to go and work with him....Im in ! Working with such an amazing guy, and the things I learn...priceless... What can I say more.
🚀Every photographer and videographers dream🚀

After a few days of filming It was time so go storm hunting. In EU is now the season for the stormcells. I did catch a few nice photos. Here is a quick peek

Approaching storm

First signs of tornado

We had to run
More quality photos are coming. This is just a little tease😜

The week continues...

I had great honor to shoot some macro photos for world best tattoo artist (Tattoo DEJAN MARIC). We had talk about a new project, that we will be working on in the future. I can't say much...only this
Combining macro photography/videography with tattoos😱 (superslow-mo)

"Hand of a master"

As the week is coming to and end

Me and my wife had take a little free time for us. So we decided to visit Petzen. Is a mountain in Slovenia/Austria, where you can go kayaking in the flooded caves. Yes, this place exist, but that is a story for another time. Here are just a few photos to get you more excited.

"The entry into the mine"

"Over 800km tunnels"

"The flooded caves"

If you ever planning a trip in Slovenia, Petzen is a must see!!!

As you can see, I had a pretty busy week.
I'm really sorry that I wasn't active on steemit for so long.... But things are changing and so are we. I'm really looking forward for this year on steemit and the goals, that I have set myself. In the week that I had "off", I had time to figure out , how to squeeze all that I do, into one day.

So, as I said before, my goal is to post every day for 1 year and keep the HORROR FROM THE FOREST game running!

Hope you like my tour thru my week, getting to know me and the work I do. Oh and Yes, I have a real job this is just my passion and my free time.

So I'm ending this post with this quote:"Those how don't try, cannot succeed!"

P.s.: Also, I shot a ton of macro this week. The first one will drop tomorrow, for HORROR OF THE FOREST game round 6.



WOW Tomaz!!!! Yes I did miss you! 🤣So many wonderful things are happening around you, you must be dancing on air!!! I am super impressed with ALL OF IT 😍
There are so many beautiful photos in this post and so much good news all I can do is give you a HUGE round of applause!! And say I am looking forward to your coming posts here on Steemit. RESTEEMED. You are back in fine style @marjanko👏👏👏👏👏

First @sallybach23 thank you for your huge support🤗😍
I had to figure some things out, how to manage all the work that I am doing and how to bring more to steemit community. So from now on, I have a lot more time to spend on steemit platform and interact with it🤗

It’s going to be awesome to have daily posts from you! 👌

Love it😊 and I have more time to spend here🤗
Just now, I m creating the new round of Horror from the forest 😍Hope, you are Ready🔥

@marjanko Wow! It seems that you have wonderful opportunities and the equipment to handle it! Thank you also for your support on our charity page! Congrats on a great post! Blessings and upvoted!

Thank you very much @papilloncharity 🤗

Wow. What a marvelous group of photos. I am truly impressed and glad you are back.

Thank you for sharing these terrific photos!

Thank you 🍀

Woow, that is so nice.. very adventurous. Indeed, you're the king in macro and photography, congratulation 😊

Thank you very much, my friend ❤️🍀

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Yes Tomaz, I missed you! I worried to know if you had not gone back chasing the storms too closely ... ^^ But thankfully you come back with good news and great projects !!! It's fantastic! Congratulations for your article and also the candies that I can not wait to taste !!! I'm looking forward to meeting you, your wife and @sallybeth23 in Barcelona on September 29th! Upvoted and Resteem 👏👏👏

Thank you @flamingirl 🤗
I m so happy that we have become friend and that we will have a meetsup in Barcelona is a huge bonus😍
As you can see, my steemit profile supprised me... with such a good feedback🤗
So I had to make a good plane for it, for the future.
One more time, thank tou for your huge support!!!
Oh and one more think! Not if, but when you come to Slovenia we are taking you to Petzen to go kayaking in the caves🤘🔥

I will add my wow, because I am really amazed by the energy you've got!
And yes, I too missed your posts. But hey, there is time for everyting and with all these teasing photos I am looking forward to reading about your adventures.

Thank you so much @nelinoeva . I m so happy that you like what I do 🤗

You seems to have a good timing when you make shots, anyway the sunset looks beautiful and I'm really impressed what drones make possible.

Thank you, @josua1 for your kind words 🤗
Love to show you all the beauty of the nature, what I experience with my cameras🍀