Jumping into WD's Street Art

in life •  4 months ago


Earlier today I had the opportunity to visit WD's solo exhibition - practically we talk about graffiti, in the abandoned buildings at Aliko Beach, Naxos!

WD is a famous street artist who is based in Greece but creates art (and transforms buildings) worldwide.

I particularly liked this looney face of a schizo man who is divided by the light falling through the unfinished structure on the ceiling. I jumped into the light and became one with the artwork.

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"...and became one with the artwork."

Yes, you did! That is now my new favorite picture of you!

Wow That is incredible artwork. I love it. Such an interesting way to take a photo hehe :) I want to see more of these street art in real life. It's kind of hard to put it into perspective when you are looking at a photo. I bet it's more breath taking in person.

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Interesting and curious, I think it's great


Thank you very much!

Πραγματικά έχεις βγάλει φανταστική φωτο....
Καλό βράδυ...


Βασικα την φωτο την σκηνοθετησα εγω αλλα το τσικ το εκανε η μαμα μου @sofi-m! Οποτε ευχαριστουμε κι οι δυο!


Αααα... Είναι μαμα σου η @sofi-m!!! Τωρα κατάλαβα απο που πήρες την καλλιτεχνική φλέβα!!!!! Καλή συνέχεια και Καλό βράδυ να έχετε!!!

Nice pic @mariandavp ... Hmmm Steepshot, looks cool 😎


Thank you!! It's good and is getting better...😊

Αλληθώρισε ο τύπος!

Wonderful art and lovely photoshoot 📷 my dear friend mariandavp love you 😘

Έχει αλληθωρίσει ο τύπος και είναι έτοιμος να σε φάει! Ελπίζω να πρόλαβες να φύγεις και να είσαι καλά! 😊

Wow crazy stuff. It's not graffiti is it

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This picture's awesome!

Very nice picture, the art on the wall is very impressive, I am a little shocked by the realism of the eyes!!!! :o

Murals of street art. As often where fresh ideas are born. We feel the pulse of the people in their artistry. I enjoyed the post and the painting thank you @mariandavp