I set a new stage in my life

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Hello my Friends. A lot of happens since I have posted here. Let me tell you how do I feel :-)

My life is as beautiful as the stars. Day and night are more and more beautiful. Sometimes I get hurt but I will forget about it soon. In my life there is joy and sometimes sadness but life is life. In my life are colorful butterflies animals, meadows, parks. Life is what it is and it doesn’t fool me.

My life in my poem.

Life as a river flows fast,
ahead or a winding road.
It's easy for me to swim in the deep,
trouble, shoals can cause.

Life may happen differently,
there are so many puzzles waiting for me.
Every single hour of life,
there is always something waiting for.

Because although I try very hard,
and I strain the rest of my strength,
Often I do not have much of that,
life surprised me again.

Then I break up again,
desiring to capture him with caution.
But unfortunately, I am tripping in place,
There is a lack of strength, I can not go.

Because life is not a beautiful orchard,
gifts do not grow somewhere on the tree.
I have to get everything myself ,
but most importantly - I have you

Every day I set a new stage in my life. In the picture you can see a great view which I admire every day. It is a balm for my soul.

Take care 🤗

Thank you for your support :)

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My work without them would not make sense, thank you for support.

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I hope you have enjoyed !!!

Thank you for visiting and supporting my work. My heart always deeply appreciates your friendly words.


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Well come back, after a long time we are touched and enriched with your poem. You have written about yourself in a very simple word and can place with our soft corner, have a nice day.

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Thank you so much my dear. I am so glad that you like my writing ✍🏻 :-) Greetings

It’s been a long while my friend @margaretwise, happy Sunday evening.

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Thank you. 🤗

So good to see a lovely poem from you!

Thank you so my much I am so appreciate :-) Greetings my lovely woman 👩 😘

I hope all is well and that you are happy and healthy!

Oh, lovely. I have lost my touch at reading into your words. I am so far distanced in your life right now, I would love to see a blog of what is going on in your world.

Miss your musing and loveliness within the word itself.

Hope all is well as your life goes on, hope that you are feeling back to yourself. Once again. And as always, I wish you happiness and sunshine, all day long. xoxo

Love to you.

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Hey D! Margaret and I go back quite a ways now. She is so sweet, Greg too. Reason adding to your thread as this poem touches me as well. Makes me only wonder what got this to pour out of our lovely Margaret Wise. I too hope all is well, an things are good with you and Greg too. Wishing the very best from Sofia Bulgaria! -Dan

By the way D, I've got some great material of the Central Market in Athens, not sure if I mentioned it. Also I'm heading back to South America this summer! Going to be lots of markets from seemingly another world from where I am now and where I spent the winter. I'm excited about it! Sometimes I feel like I was born to contribute to your #marketfriday posts! hahahah.

Hope you are doing well too!

I am so grateful that you like my writing. Soon I will add some more. Unfortunately I am extremely busy. Me and Greg are working on our future but don’t worry, you would be my number one to tell you what is going on in our life. :-) Big hug and a lot of kisses 😘 ❤️ Buźka kochana

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A pleasure to see you again and your beautiful flowing poetry

Glad to see you again! I was very sad when I realized you were leaving Steemit.

Great to see you dear after so many months missed your posts a lot : )

I’m very happy to see that you started posting again after very long time.

This poem is beautiful but, in the meantime, it's so sad! It’s great that you set a new stage of your life and it’s good that you can admire this view every day. Very wonderful! It looks peaceful and relaxing as well.

A lot of love from me directly to you, my dear sis! ;)

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