Steemians, can you help?

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It's hard asking for help. Writing this is difficult because I don't like to beg, nor feel like a mooch (it's a pride thing)... so with that bit of awkwardness addressed, I am hoping the Steemit community can help a single mother with fundraising for her kid's upcoming fieldtrip.


Last year, my daughter's fourth grade class sent announcements that as 5th graders, they would be participating in a survival camp of sorts-- it's hands on science, plus woodland survival, in a weeklong format. The cost is $250 per student. The elementary school is doing fundraisers like gangbusters, but that'll decrease the cost for some students to about $150, and some students will be granted full and partial scholarships so they can participate. Most of the funds we had, we donated through fundraisers.

My daughter received a $100 scholarship, so her cost is $150 (plus a suitable sleeping bag)

counting the bees on mustard plants; she called it "honey mustard."

My daughter wants to do the science survival camp; she loves nature (and getting muddy) and she asked this to be her birthday gift and Yule gift, rolled into one. I didn't promise her I'd make it happen, but I told her I would try. For me, this is a last resort; I don't like asking for things from others, especially strangers, but my family is tapped out; we've participated in fundraising, but that's for the entire grade, not specifically for my daughter.

That said, I warned her that it may not be possible to get enough so she can go and participate... but I would try what avenues I could. Steemit is my last avenue.

I am humbly asking the Steemit Community, that if they can and want to do so, to donate, so I (and all you awesome folk) can help make a kiddo's dream come true.

Here is the camp's website; you can check it out and see what it has to offer budding naturalists. Some highlights: they grow their own food, made rammed earth cabins for the students, have a raptor barn (with a bald eagle and redtail hawk), and teach kids about caretaking the environment. Pretty nifty stuff, in my humble opinion.

I thank you for taking the time to read my humble plea for help, Steemians.
I thank you.


I hope steemian people's will help..dont have VP.. i contribute my little : 0.01.

Every bit is so very much appreciated. Thank you!

Upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Steemit provides opportunity for many disadvantaged folk. I'm sure the community will help you.👌

Here's hoping!

You have my upvote

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Thank you much!

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