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Today I have a small present for you! This is my own collection of useful and interesting sites. At the moment, it has 84 sites of different subjects. I tried to break them into categories, so that it would be easier for you to find the right one. I think in this collection, everyone can find something useful for themselves!

Online Courses


Working with information



Yoga, meditation, etc.

  • Http: //урокимедитации.рф (Рус.) - free training course of meditation from the teacher of yoga Dada Sadananda.

Online Libraries

Learning the game ...

Setting goals, motivators

  • Https:// (Rus.) Is a service for achieving goals, which allows you to keep a diary of achievements, read interesting goals of other people and enlist the support of mentors.
  • Http:// - Find a team or project.

Useful online programs:

For the traveler:

The photo

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Very useful information. I hope it will be useful. @manavendra

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Thanks for providing the list, @manavendra!

This is all incredibly useful, thank you.

Доброго времени суток. Я из #нашастая Вы внесли меня в список фаворитов? Прошу взаимно подписаться, для укрепления стаи, и взаимоотношений внутри нашего импровизированного коллектива...