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Good evening my fellow brothers and sisters of tribe Steemit, my constant intention here is to share my curiosity of this universe, and personal journey of growth with you all.

I believe we are just visitors to this time/place, and we are powerful creatures capable of both physical/spiritual abundance.

Part of my Journey over the past few years has been to look at myself, and ask what it truly means to be a man. I've sought the answer to this question, because I felt that lack of masculine understanding growing up in this age. I've had several positive male role models in my life, but have felt internally, like something has been lacking in myself as an adult male.

I believe true manhood and embracing masculinity is why the society in the USSA and many other countries is in the state of chaos that it is today. I think Edmund Burke said something along the lines of "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing".

I recently read the book King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, and I highly recommend it to any man that is on the path toward their higher self.

Tonight, I just wanted to share some of the big takeaways I had from reading this book, and how it has affected me moving toward my goals in life.

The book dives into the psyche of men and breaks down masculinity into 4 archetypes. Each of these archetypes also have a shadow version, just as the universe expresses duality i.e. light/dark, north pole/south pole, man woman. The archetypes and their shadow versions are as follows below:

The King- The king is the leader of others and builds up others around him to make them realize their potentials. The shadow form is the tyrant king that will beat down others that do not follow his will.

The Warrior- The warrior is courageous and will stick his neck out to sacrifice himself for the benefit of others. The shadow version is the bully who uses his strength to abuse other people because it makes him feel powerful.

The Magician - The magician is well versed in the technology of the time, and understands how to leverage it to the benefit of himself/others. The shadow version of the magician is selfish and uses his mental ability to understand technology/psychology to manipulate for his own gain.

The Lover -The lover is able to put himself in others shoes to deeply empathize and give of himself emotionally to support others. He also keeps a version of his boyhood state to bring his wonder and joy to the world. The shadow version lacks empathy and holds narcissistic traits that take from others, but build himself up at all cost.

To fully actualize as a man you have to embrace the positive side of each archetype and defeat its shadow version. One of the big takeaways I gained from the book, is that the shadow version of each archetype represents the static non-growth, child state, which exists in boyhood.

Another big takeaway, was how the rituals of the past were used to usher boys to manhood. Many had/still endure some extreme trial, that is centered around the destruction of the boy ego and acceptance/recognition of other men. This is done to ensure that the boy understands the importance of self-reliance and the sacrifice of his personal comfort for the protection/support of himself/family/tribe.

In the western cult, we have steered away from these important rituals. I believe this work is needed in men, and is the way a real loving relationship can form between a man and woman. I don't believe a fully actualized woman, whom has adopted her true nature, will respect a man that cannot stand on his own as a solid protector, provider, and lover. She would either become his mother, or so emotionally neglected it would lead to infidelity.

A Real man, rooted in self-reliance, dependability, capability, courage, and sacrifice, are a foundation for a healthy loving family, which is the core to any society imo.

I am aiming to embrace my own masculinity by stepping toward the positive archetypes of the King and Warrior.

I'm currently working to build a business that I hope will be able to empower others, and have been speaking out in my city at the council meetings to express the ideas of liberty, free markets, and voluntaryism.

However.... since many of us boys growing up in this culture have been starved of the rituals and circles of true men. We exist in a distorted culture of masculinity, where men are really just boys in adult bodies in a true Lord of the Flies reality.

I believe this state of true masculinity is foundational to human beings as a species. As men we must grow to become the best version of ourselves and call out other men that are headed down a destructive path.

In closing..... we are all on this journey together, to learn the natural order that operates to seek equilibrium on a wavelength of pure love. I believe that the creator operates on an energy of love that wants to continue life against all odds, to grow, and increase its complexity.

Thank you for your time if you gave this a read. If you enjoyed this, Follow, Upvote, Re-steem and let me know what you think in the comments, I love thoughtful comments and discussion.

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Good work bud, as a father of 5 I am always trying to improve myself and can use all the help I can get. It's really important for us to try and to be the best we can be and embrace all of God's gifts to do so.


Thank you brother! That's amazing, I 'd like to have a family when I meet the right woman. All my buddies with kids say how much they are changed after they had their first kid. I know the opposite of some of my buddies that have wives that don't want children when they would be awesome parents. I think its vital that freedom loving people have children. Those kids will bring so much creativity, strength, light, and joy to the world. I know the future will be amazing when freedom loving strong families like yours are out there.

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